2 August, 2011
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Letter from the Editor – 2nd August 2011

2 August, 2011

Hi girls!

Wow, how is it August already? This year is just flying by, and next week is my (gulp!) 29th birthday already… I can’t believe I’m SOOOO old. It’s funny, I think 29 is actually going to be harder than 30 will be! I’m not a big birthday person, but this one deserves a bit of a celebration as so much has happened in the past year. I’ve never been busier or happier, so I guess this getting older thing isn’t too bad after all. Enough about ME though, what’s happening at Sassy?

Well, we’ve got Sassy Hour coming up this Thursday night (if you haven’t RSVP-ed yet you can email [email protected]) from 7pm-9pm at a new bar on Wyndham Street called Envie. It has been opened by the people behind Entourage on Lower Elgin Street and it’s very girly, very Sassy. We actually were laughing because the logo of the bar has all these overlapping pink circles above the name, which is very similar to how Sassy’s logo used to look a very very long time ago. If you remember that far back, it was when we were still running our blogspot website – back in the day when Natalie was still with us! We miss her every day, and for those of you who ask after her, she’s doing great. She is living in Miami now with her husband and twin girls, Ashley and Alexa.

We’ve started planning for our next Shopwalk event towards the end of the year. Claire, who is our Events Organizer still can’t believe she has to start on another one so soon after the last one! We’re taking submissions from potential vendors and indie designers, and taking all the feedback we received from the last one to make next one even better. We’ll definitely be increasing the hours, and possibly even holding it on a weekend instead so more people can come.

The Lust List

Have you ever felt like something you wanted was stalking you? Well, I keep trying to close my eyes to its loveliness, but this Celine tote just keeps popping up everywhere! It’s definitely under consideration for Autumn/Winter!

I’ve been looking for a piece of jewellery that will work as being in some way symbolic of my daughter Elodie – for the longest time I was looking for something with a pink stone, but that proved rather tricky! Last week Maura got the cutest Jennifer Zeuner bracelet from Shopbop, and now I’m thinking I will be a copy-cat and pick up this lucky “8” bracelet… She was born on the 8th October, and I’m an 8.8 baby, so I figure it’s got to be a lucky number for both of us (and the rest of Hong Kong of course!)…

Look forward to seeing you at Sassy Hour!

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