7 Lesser-Known At-Home Games To Have On Your Radar

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We're Not Really Strangers

This card game is all about forging meaningful connections that will deepen your existing relationships (or create new ones!). With three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards, you’re in for hours of interesting and intimate conversation. This is a great game to play with your friends over Zoom. In fact, there is a Quarantine Edition specifically catered to social distancing – download it for free from the website.

Price: About $233, buy online now.

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5 Second Rule

It’s easy enough to name three types of cocktails – but can you do it in five seconds? You’ll be surprised what crazy answers players will come up with in their desperation to beat the timer. If you want to make the game even more interesting, you and your friends can come up with your own categories to stump each other with or play the drinking game version via the free 5 Second Rule app. Ellen Degeneres is a big fan of 5 Second Rule and has challenged a number of her celebrity friends to the fast-paced, frenzied game on her show.

Price: $197, buy here

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Based on the classic South American game of Liar’s Dice, Perudo is a simple game that involves luck, skill and a whole lotta lying. For each round, players will each roll five dice, keeping them hidden under a cup. Then, after taking a peek at their own dice, they will take turns making successively higher declarations regarding all the dice that have been rolled (e.g. “There are ten sixes”). However, someone can contest the bid, at which point all the dice are revealed and either the bidder or the caller will lose a die. The last player with dice is the winner. This makes for a rather fun drinking game, too!

Price: about $163, order here

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A game of lies and deception, Spyfall will truly test your ability to conceal the truth. Each of the players will receive a card revealing the same location – the zoo, a day spa, a space station – except one player who will get a card that says they’re the spy. Players will go around asking each other questions such as “Do you come here often?” or “What do you like to do here for fun?”, as they try to weed out spy. Meanwhile, the spy has to play along and try to guess the secret location before they get caught. This game definitely gets more interesting the more players you have, so it’s good that there is an online version of this game that you and your whole crew can play remotely over Zoom.

Price: $265, get it here

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Was the light bulb invented before or after the can opener? Definitely after the typewriter… right? The goal of this card game is to place various inventions in chronological order. Sounds easier said than done. This game will definitely have you questioning yourself, no matter how much of a history buff you are. It hurts to get one wrong but on the plus side, you learn something new every time you do. There are multiple versions that test your knowledge on historical events, music and cinema and more. You can also combine sets to make the game more challenging.

Price: $134, buy online

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If you’re a fan of Scrabble, we’re sure you’ll love this stimulating word game. The objective of Dabble is to create 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-letter words in five minutes by trading letter tiles. To make things more interesting, players can add another element in each round by picking a category, such as “clothing” or “food”. If a player is able to spell a word from that category, they can get bonus points added to their total score.

Price: about $294.50, order here

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Hanabi (Japanese for “fireworks”) is an award-winning cooperative game in which players have to orchestrate the perfect firework show by placing the cards down on the table in the right order. The catch? While in most card games you are trying your best to keep them hidden from the wandering eyes of sneaky opponents, in Hanabi you can see what cards other players have, but not your own. In the end, the success of all the players, including yourself, depends on everyone’s ability to communicate and give helpful hints.

Price: $121, buy here

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