27 December, 2013
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Ladies SuperStyle class – learning how to be a lady…

27 December, 2013

While I’ve always considered myself a relatively “girly girl” (I like wearing dresses, enjoy nothing more than high tea, and take great pleasure in reading Jane Austen), this is tempered by my sporty side – I like to sweat (a lot!) when I exercise, and I’m much more comfortable out on a bike with the boys than I am in a swanky club. As such, I’ve never really felt I was the “sexy” type. I always choose to sit at a bar rather than hit the dance floor, for fear of having an “Elaine” moment; it’s just not me to strut sassily, shoulders pulled back and head held high in a pair of Manolo Blanhiks. As such, a class that could bring my sexy back sounded EXACTLY like what I desperately needed!

Ceroc Hong Kong’s Ladies SuperStyle Course promised to teach me how to “pose for a photo or walk down the street in style… embracing everything that is lovely about being a lady… and learn a low-impact dance routine to leave me feeling energised and sexy”. This did not sound like something I could master at all (especially in an hour!), so as a fish out of water, I approached with some fear and trepidation.

I must confess, unsure of how to connect with my ladylike side, I wore my best party dress and heels to my SuperStyle class! [I had been told to wear something I felt comfortable in – running shoes and compression tights?! Errr… no, a dress or skirt and ideally, heels.] Nonetheless, our lovely instructor Katie made me feel totally welcome and relaxed, even if I did feel a little self-conscious in front of the mirrors in the dance studio.

We started with the basics, working on posture – how to stand up straight, without puffing out your chest like a pigeon or standing with your legs apart like a man. We then moved onto a sexy little knee bend; even sporty, uncoordinated me could do this and, dare I say it, I actually looked a little sexy… all the while without being too self-conscious!

Then we practiced how to walk – not like a boy, but like a lady! (Mum, why did you never teach me this?!) Apparently models and celebrities practice this all the time, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, even if it did require a little concentration. Thanks to Katie, I discovered that even I have the capacity to be ladylike!

Then the tricky bit began – dance moves… sexy dance moves, suitable for executing in public, or even in fashionable bars around town. Once again though, we started off small enough that I was able to master moving my body – so much so that a normal bystander would actually think I was dancing and not having a fit of some sort!

Even when I got a little confused by the number of dance moves, Katie was great, telling us that the most important thing to take away from our class was simply remembering a few poses and practicing them in everyday life. We had enough chance to practice without the moves becoming repetitive so that when I got home, I was still able to remember what I had learnt.

The hour-long class went by really quickly and it was a great opportunity to try out moves – not just dance moves, but also how to stand, pose for photos and walk properly – in a very supportive and fun environment. Though it required some concentration, all of us had big smiles on our faces – absolutely zero self-consciousness here!

What I liked best about the SuperStyle class was that there was a real purpose behind everything we learnt. It wasn’t just about looking cool, but building confidence and giving the appearance of confidence, not only for a night out but more importantly, any professional or social situation. This is so important and perhaps the very epitome of feminism – using your femininity to command attention and respect! The class was also super-fun, and I would absolutely recommend getting a few girlfriends and signing up for a few classes together.

At the end of my SuperStyle experience, I definitely felt a little more sexy, a lot less self-conscious, and most importantly, I had more confidence in being a lady. Jane Austen would be proud!

Classes cost $200 each, with packages also available; see full schedule here

Super Style   801-802, 8/F, Lansing House, 41-47 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
6695 0084  www.superstyle.asia

Jane is an ironman, multiple marathoner, corporate lawyer and mum of one, who recently moved south to Hong Kong after a two-year stint in Shanghai; she chronicles her adventures on her blog, Dim Sum and Long Runs

Photos 300 Dpi by PJ Hau
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