11 May, 2012

Itsie Bitsie – your one-stop summer shop

11 May, 2012

It’s that time of the year again when your swimsuits are coming out of hiding! This thought can cause jubilation for some and dread for others… but Itsie Bitsie is here to make sure that there are smiles all around!

Cristina Wilkinson is the founder and designer of the Itsie Bitsie boutique and brand. This Hong Kong based company sources and produces its incredible line of swim and resort wear in Bali. Cristina designs all of the pieces herself and takes into account, not just the mannequin’s form, but real women’s shapes, just like you and me! There are loads of mix and match pieces to choose from meaning that if your top and bottom are different sizes you are sure to find a fit that works!

My personal favorite was the red and black ikat print suit. I loved that the bandeau top had a notch cut out of the front so I don’t end up with the dreaded white tube top look if I decide to change mid-beach trip to a triangle top! I also found the ruffle bikini to be a great option for someone like me who is smaller on top!

If you have the opposite issue and your bust is the tricky fit then try this thick-strapped halter for a bit more support! Most of the tops came with pads that could be added or removed depending on the fit you like.

Maybe bikinis aren’t your style or your have a baby bump that you are trying to shield from the sun. Check out this incredible black one piece with figure flattering halter straps and boning up the sides to accentuate your shape! How glam! I see this with a larger than life hat and some dramatic sunnies! Hello Hollywood!

If you want to take a break for baring it all then cover up with one of Cristina’s fabulous wraps or caftans! Colours abound so you can coordinate with your suit… or your daiquiri!

Be sure to stock up on some tribal-style accessories here as well. These chunky pieces dress up any summer look and can transition from beach to bar with ease!

Here are my top six try-on tips for all things swimwear!

1.     Self Tan Beforehand
Nothing is more distracting than über white legs in the dressing room mirror. Plus, a little self-tanner goes a long way at making those imperfections blend in seamlessly!

2.    Do Your Hair and Make Up
Sure, you won’t have it done at the pool but it does help to make you feel your best when trying on next to nothing!

3.    Be “Swimsuit Ready”
In the fashion biz being “swimsuit ready” means being waxed/shaved as needed. Don’t make me go into more detail here!

 4.    Go Early in the Day
This ensures that you do not have to fight for sizes, wait in line, be rushed, etc. Also, we ladies tend to be the thinnest in the early part of the day and swell as the day goes on… May as well take advantage of this! Afterwards, treat yourself to a fab lunch for being such a savvy shopper!

5.    Ask for Help!
Cristina and her team are there to make you feel your best! If you are not sure what style would look good on your shape then ask! You can tell them the bits you want to cover and the parts you would love to show off and they will find a fit that works!

6.     Loosen Up
When all else fails have a mimosa beforehand! Chances are the bubbles will make you giggle and have more fun while the blurred vision will make you look even hotter! Boys have beer goggles. Ladies have champagne specs!

In short, Itsie Bitsie is your one stop shop for all things summer. Located on Hollywood Road just next to the escalator, it is super easy to pop by and try on some fun!

SASSY DEAL: Buy a bikiki and get a kaftan half-price at Itsie Bitsie until 31 May, 2012! Simply say SASSY BITSIE at checkout to get the special offer!

SASSY GIVEAWAY: You can also win a $1000 voucher to spend on resort-wear at Itsie Bitsie as part of Sassy’s May Summer Hamper giveaway! Enter here.

Itsie Bitsie, 1/F 45 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, 9101 7198


In-store photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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