3 May, 2010

In Your Element with Working Goddess (14 May)

3 May, 2010

Sassy had an exclusive talk from The Working Goddess about the Fire in Hong Kong on 14 April and the small taster has us wishing for a little bit more of Cameron’s expertise. They will be hosting another talk on 14 May at Shatki Healing Centre and the topic is: An introduction to the Five Element Archetypes and the Working Goddess retreats.

Event Description: When we know who we are we can be who we are and thrive in the freedom of the authentic Self. Observing and contemplating the five elements of nature gives us direct access to the animating force of life. Connecting with this universal power occurs naturally as we align with our archetypal way of being. The five element framework gives us a simple model for seeing the universal ways in which people think ,act and feel. Understanding ourselves and others from this perspective encourages us to honour our deepest needs. Knowing our natural strengths and virtues empowers us to live life in ways that celebrate our natural character.

This one day interactive course is an introduction to the rich tradition of spirit based Chinese medicine. It offers practical tools for harmonizing and communicating with the deepest part of ourselves and others.

Facilitator Cameron Tukapua is a spirit focused Chinese medicine practitioner and teacher. She has over two decades of clinical experience including 8 years as founder and Principal of what is now known as the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine. She offers group and individual sessions which facilitate a reconnection to our deepest sense of Self. Cameron also offers 5 day retreat programs for women. See the www.theworkinggoddess.com

Date: 14 May
Time: 10:30am-5:30pm
Location: Shatki Healing Circle, 3/F, Waga Commercial Centre, 99 Wellington Street
Cost: 1st hour and a half is free, The whole day is $888
RSVP: click here to sign up online or email [email protected]

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