12 May, 2015
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Healing Hypnotherapy with Dr. Bradford

12 May, 2015

I’ve always been a little bit skeptical yet curious about hypnosis; I mean I usually associate it with people clucking like chickens on a stage but I’ve heard some great things about it too. So when Dr. Joëlle Bradford invited us to try a hypnotherapy session I was eager to learn more.

Dr. Bradford is a naturopathic doctor from Canada who works in Stanley Wellness Centre and Dr. Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice. Her main passion is hypnotherapy and she has had fantastic results with her clients using a technique called “clinical waking hypnosis”. This method of hypnosis is a procedure during which a therapist gives a patient carefully worded instructions to follow to help them enter a state of deep relaxation. The patient is aware of everything that is going on while simultaneously becoming increasingly absorbed in using their imagination as directed by the hypnotherapist. From weight loss to anxiety, cravings to relationship issues and much more, Dr. Bradford stops bad habits and problems in their tracks.

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She’s passionate about helping women overcome limitations holding them back and this is the area we focused on during my one-hour appointment in her office. As soon as I met her, I was put at ease. She’s incredibly calm, relaxed and seems like a really kind and caring person in general. I told her that I wanted to focus on eliminating self-doubt that crops up and holds me back occasionally. It’s like a mini form of self-sabotage and I wanted it gone! Dr. Bradford explained that I would be awake for the session with my eyes open and together we would get to the root of emotional components that might have triggered the problem in the past. I was ready to get started.

The session was conducted at my own pace in the safe space of her office and I had full control at all times. By distracting my conscious with tapping patterns and other repetitive movements following the her lead and guidance, my subconscious had a chance to speak out. I was 100% aware at all times and felt comfortable too because it felt like we were working towards a common goal together for the entire hypnotherapy session.


Using carefully worded language, Dr. Bradford helped me enter a state of high attentiveness so I could clear all of the mental clutter in my mind. In this hypnotic state the door to my subconscious mind opened and I was able to step into the past with my imagination. Two main memories came to mind from when I was 7 and 15 and we worked through both of them to eliminate the emotions I was still carrying from each one. They were really minor events so I was surprised that they arose but they both proved to be significant to the session. Towards the end of the hour, I focused on a final thought that brought me comfort and breathed deeply until it filled my whole body.


I really loved the hypnotherapy session and felt much ‘lighter’ emotionally after leaving. I also enjoyed learning more about hypnotherapy and hearing some great case studies from Dr. Bradford about patients who were cured of everything from self-doubt to obesity. It’s not magic but nothing is and you need to do some work at home to reinforce the positive thought from the end of the session. I booked a second session as I walked out the door as the treatment was effective for me and results orientated, and would highly recommend you try one too!

A hypnotherapy one-hour session costs $1,600

*UPDATE* Dr. Bradford now practices at IMI Health in Central: Integrated Medicine Institute, 13/F & 17/F Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.imi.com.hk


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