9 January, 2023
2023 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading
2023 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

2023 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

9 January, 2023
2023 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

For those of you longing for a positive switch in 2023, renowned astrologer and tarot card reader Cath of Queen of Pentacles predicts this will be your year!

With so many astrological transits on the horizon, there’s going to be a complete shift in energy, which will be life-changing for many. For starters, there will be a total of three planets changing signs this year, namely Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. The Nodes will also be shifting.

As a whole, 2023 will lay the foundation for the following years to come. Drastic changes can be uneasy and chaotic but opportunities can rise from them too. It’s time to redefine your relationship with yourself and the world around you; it’s a year to gain clarity on what it is that you want and need. Allow yourself to take a deep breath as you read on for an astrological outlook for the year ahead and your zodiac sign’s 2023 predictions.

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An Astrological Outlook For 2023
Astrological Dates To Know In 2023
2023 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

2023 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading, Queen of Pentacles

An Astrological Outlook For 2023

Pluto has been sitting in the same placement since 2008, which means we have not experienced a change for Pluto in 15 years. On 23 March, it will be entering the sign of Aquarius, which points to changes in the way we approach and work with our communities.

Within the same month (7 March), Saturn — the planet of authority and moral obligations — enters the sign of dreamy Pisces. It will stay here until 13 February, 2026. The tandem between the structured Saturn with ethereal Pisces will leave us feeling confused, triggering our deep emotional wounds. It’s important to stay focused on where you allow your mind to wander as Pisces ruling over Saturn can create illusions and distractions. Try to prioritise thinking about what you want for yourself rather than focusing on the feelings of discomfort when thinking about the things you don’t want.

Moving into the month of May, Jupiter will enter Taurus on 16 May and it’ll stay in the stable sign until 25 May, 2024. This is when we will be rewarded for our commitment and dedication. Allow this time period to make you more discerning of what you commit to in terms of love and finances.

Heading into summer, the Lunar Nodes will enter the Aries-Libra axis on 17 July and stay here until 11 January, 2025. This will mainly highlight your relationship with yourself and how you interact with others. Codependent relationships will tumble and you’ll find the courage to be your authentic self.

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Astrological Dates To Know In 2023:

  • 12 January: Mars Retrograde ends. This will lead to deepened emotional bonds and intimacy.
  • 18 January: Mercury Retrograde ends. A day that calls for celebration.
  • 2 March: Venus and Jupiter form a conjunction. This is a golden period for your love life to flourish.
  • 7 March: Saturn enters Pisces. A reminder to shed outdated and unhealthy habits to welcome a fresh start.
  • 20 April: Solar Eclipse in Aries, which hasn’t occurred in the past 17 years. It’ll carry an energy of independence.
  • 21 April: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus — making this a hectic week.
  • 5 May: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio — which has the potential to uncover secrets and hidden agendas.
  • 17 July: The North Node moves to Aries. This is the first time for this to happen in nearly two decades, which can be slightly overwhelming.
  • 22 July: Venus Retrograde in Leo. There will be delays and setbacks in the love department.
  • 23 August: Another Mercury Retrograde!
  • 14 October: Solar Eclipse in Libra, which will bring unexpected opportunities your way.
  • 28 October: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. It’s a powerful cosmic time that might stir up anxiety and lead to endings.
  • 9 December: Venus and Jupiter are opposite each other, creating an outwardly chemistry. This will be a highly passionate time.
  • 13 December: We will be ending the year with the final Mercury Retrograde…

To give you an upper hand as you navigate through 2023, scroll down to your zodiac sign’s reading to see what the new year has in store for you.

2023 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

2023 Aries Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Aries Horoscope (21 March-20 April) – A Year of Optimism

It’s time to take the spotlight as you enter an entire 12-year cycle with support from the universe! Be ambitious as abundance and luck will follow you wherever you go. The solar eclipse in Aries (20 April) will be a game-changer, so expect lots of new beginnings to form. When it comes to matters of the heart, late September sets the stage for stability and commitment. Career-wise, with Jupiter in your sign at the beginning of the year, 2023 is a good time to start or grow your own business. You’re armed with all the tools you need and you need to believe it. Seize the year by the horns and you’ll conquer!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is The Star. The Star symbolises hope and positivity after a period of hardship. It’s a card that celebrates the beginning of a peaceful phase, offering growth. If you had a tough 2022, this year will be your turning point. Be optimistic and focus on your vision in order to show the universe that you are ready. If you have the urge to pursue an opportunity, go for it wholeheartedly and you’ll be rewarded.

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2023 Taurus Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Taurus Horoscope (21 April-21 May) – A Year of Generosity

You’re a resilient sign that has the capacity to create stability for yourself and your loved ones. This year, you’ll be attracting generous souls your way. These generous individuals will lend you a helping hand in various ways to help you spread your reach. You’ll now be able to share your wisdom, ideas and hard work with a wider network of people. As a result, you’ll be moving farther along than in any other year. Jupiter entering your sign (16 May) marks the beginning of a nine-month cycle of achievement and good luck, making it crucial for you to take action on your goals. Do not hold back and go for it!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the Two of Pentacles. You have a busy year ahead of you and the workload won’t be easy to manage. You’ll benefit from better calendar management and a stricter schedule. Try to manage your priorities by creating a to-do list in order to fulfil all your responsibilities. It will be difficult to strike a perfect balance between all the aspects of your life (career, family, health etc.) but through patience, you’ll at least be able to juggle these successfully.

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2023 Gemini Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Gemini Horoscope (22 May-22 June) – A Year of Discovery

Witty, communicative and curious — these are the traits generally associated with the sign of Gemini. This year is no different. You’ll be bursting with energy and ideas for the new year, which you’ll be testing through trial and error. Not every idea will work out in your favour but that is all part of your learning journey. The year will present you with opportunities to explore new territories, which will contribute to your growth. If you’re not afraid to get dirty and put in the work, you’ll be rewarded after July. Saturn is to thank as its arrival on the Midheaven (7 March) marks the beginning of a two-year period for your career. Embrace what 2023 brings and do not fear failure!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is The Chariot. When The Chariot shows up, it’s indicative of your strength and determination being challenged. There will be setbacks this year but it’s crucial that you persevere and push through them. If you keep your focus and confidence, you’ll be successful. It might be tempting to take shortcuts and go for the easy route, but it will not lead to the results you desire. You’ll have to face failures, but with conviction, you’ll eventually reach victory!

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2023 Cancer Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Cancer Horoscope (23 June-23 July) – A Year of Inner Growth

This year will be centred around self-discovery and understanding your inner power. As a water sign, having a strong intuition comes naturally to you. You have always been empathic and nurturing, even from a young age. This year, your awareness of the gifts you possess will develop, allowing you to be more conscious of your relationship with your inner self. You’ll get the opportunity to explore how to trust yourself, and how you can support yourself and others through your natural sensitivities. In terms of finances, it’s the year to slow down and make plans to invest in your future. Overall, it will be an introspective journey so dive in and allow new insights to form!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the Knight of Swords. This is a sign that you’ll undergo a lot of learning this year. As a water sign, you’re prone to making decisions based on your emotions and intuition. This might still be a trait this year but you’ll learn to also look at situations from an intellectual perspective. It will drive your new sense of understanding towards yourself and what you offer the world. Only when you gain this inner knowledge and trust, will you be able to make big moves.

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2023 Leo Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Leo Horoscope (24 July-23 August) – A Year of Progress

If you’ve been feeling rather stagnant, this year will feel like the ultimate boost. You’ll start to notice roadblocks disappearing and solutions being presented to you. Your role? It consists of rising up to challenges and facing them with your bold persona. Jupiter is here to encourage you to broaden your horizons and expand whatever you’re investing your energy into. This is especially true from 20 May to 10 July, which will be a golden period of financial success. With love, it’s a year that’s focused on depth rather than flirtations. Open yourself up to vulnerability and you’ll be rewarded.

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the King of Wands. This is a card of leadership, which suggests that you are ready to take ownership of your vision. Be mindful of your intentions and thoughts as they carry vibrations. As long as you have a clear goal, you’ll be able to manifest it into reality. Your energy is also highly magnetic, making others gravitate toward you. This is a quality that will allow you to connect with the right people to bring you closer to your goals.

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2023 Virgo Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Virgo Horoscope (24 August-23 September) – A Year of Healing

With your meticulousness, you’re always able to spot areas needing improvement. In 2023, this skill will be applied to your inner world. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and identify what’s holding you back. You’ll be cutting off toxic friendships and relationships. As a result, the universe will send past friends and exes your way to test your willpower. Stand your ground and take these situations as opportunities to heal from your past instead. It will be a slower year, but don’t be discouraged as you’re meant to focus on your healing. This way, you’ll have a clean slate for 2024.

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is The Hierophant. You are being called to work with a mentor or guide to nurture your spiritual and personal growth. You require a more structured and established method to facilitate your healing process. Set a routine, such as jogging early in the morning or doing yoga once a week, to build a sense of discipline. Your commitment to embodying your best self will pay off in the long run.

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2023 Libra Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Libra Horoscope (24 September-23 October) – A Year of Self-Love

As the peacemaker of the signs, you are used to putting aside your needs in order to maintain harmony. This year, your focus will shift — and in a good way. You’ll be attending to your own needs and wants, paving the way for manifestations and inner growth to take place. Your charisma will be a useful tool as you’ll be in contact with people of power and influence. Joint business ventures or big financial opportunities might come out of these connections, so keep networking! Jupiter will be presiding over love and relationships, which makes this year a favourable year for romance. As long as you work on your inner peace, external success will follow. You have all the potential inside of you to create a year of pure gold!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is Shadow Work. This message is all about staying true to yourself and releasing the burden of putting on a persona. When you accept who you are, including past mistakes and areas that you keep hidden from the world, it can be liberating. Diving deep into these shadows can also point to habits or thoughts that need to change. Be aware of your shadows and allow transformations to occur. That is how you can achieve the healing and balance you desire so deeply.

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2023 Scorpio Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Scorpio Horoscope (24 October-22 November) – A Year of Transformation

As a sign that is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, you are constantly undergoing transformations. The cycle continues this year. You are going to continue your process of transformation, only this time, you’ll be clearer about your direction. You are being called to put more effort into improving health and fitness. Love will be highlighted, especially due to the eclipses. For singles, you’ll be thrown emotionally unavailable love potentials and it’s part of your lesson to cut them loose. If you’re in a relationship, discuss important things such as future plans and goals to make sure you align. Finances and career will prosper in the second half of the year if you’re willing to let your guard down and share your deep wisdom and insights. As long as you listen to your intuition and open yourself up to changes, a new and better you will emerge.

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is The Tower. It brings forth an energy of unexpected change and destruction, along with a lightning bolt that illuminates the truth. Illusions and deception will be revealed throughout the year, allowing you to see the future with a greater sense of clarity. Surrender to the process and allow chaos to occur, as this will allow you to rebuild a stronger foundation with a newfound sense of clarity and maturity.

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2023 Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Sagittarius Horoscope (23 November-21 December) – A Year of Maturity

2023 will be a reflective and introspective year focused on personal growth and mastering past lessons. This is especially strong in March, which will be a transformative period, providing you with a heightened sense of responsibility and groundedness. As a fiery sign that’s always been adventurous and bold, the past few years have served you lessons that have led you to be more responsible. You have now let go of habits that haven’t been serving you and have turned to establishing long-term structures. It’s a year of upgrades within love and career, so set your standards high. New love connections are possible, especially after March and it’s the year to aim for a promotion. Set your sights high and the universe will deliver!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the Eight of Cups. You are being called to examine what brings you true joy and satisfaction. To manifest effectively, you need to be clear about what you truly want to avoid disappointment. If you feel a sense of emptiness, you need to walk away from your situation and reflect. This will ensure that you do not make the same mistakes twice. Do not repress or escape from your emotions as it will not do you any good.

2023 Capricorn Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Capricorn Horoscope (22 December-20 January) – A Year of Relief

As the most hardworking sign that’s constantly ready to grind, this year might feel odd for you. As a whole, it will be an easygoing year and your role is to cruise along. You’ll get the opportunity to sit down and examine where you’re putting your energy into. You’ll be able to let go of things that are weighing you down, allowing new blessings to come into your life. In terms of important dates, the eclipses on 20 April and 14 October will be pivotal for your career as they carry energies of expansion. These will be good periods for you to start new projects or expand globally. You are also called to chase true love, which may lead to long-term relationships. It’s your year to soar — trust your wings and fly!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is The Sun. This calls for a celebration as the year will bring you happiness, abundance and success. You’ll face 2023 with confidence as your Solar Plexus chakra will let you know that everything will work out in your favour! You’ll feel it through an urge to express yourself more authentically. Take that as a sign to share your warmth and gifts with the world. You’ll be brimming with energy, so expect a year full of enthusiasm and increased physical activity.

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2023 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Aquarius Horoscope (21 January-19 February) – A Year of Liberation

Brace yourself as Pluto will be entering your sign in March. This ushers in a new era — a time of freedom and opportunity. With all the new possibilities, you’ll be able to apply your profound knowledge and unconventional ideas. However, you need to be honest with yourself and pursue a path that is true to you. Know the intentions behind your actions and decisions, which will guide you to discern whether a path is truly for you. In terms of love, Venus is in your sign until 27 January, which can indicate starting the year with progress. This can mean new romance, an engagement, or even wedding plans! Overall, you’ll be driven and determined throughout the year, which will give you the upper hand. Enjoy this boost while you cross off all your goals!

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the Ace of Swords. You’ll have many breakthroughs and new beginnings, which you are reminded to take action on. As a sign that values community and justice, you must use your communication skills and intellect to fight for the greater good of all. You need to feel like you are contributing to society to maintain your passion. Do not hesitate to start a new project — especially if it’s related to public speaking or writing.

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2023 Pisces Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Pisces Horoscope (20 February-20 March) – A Year of Structure

As one of the most compassionate and selfless signs, you rarely put yourself first. This year, your wake-up call is coming! With Saturn entering your sign in March, a sense of wanting to build structure will follow. As the planet of authority and moral obligations, Saturn will bring forth lessons that will lead to maturity and wisdom. You’ll face situations where people will look to you for assistance, especially with bailing them out of tricky situations. Make sure to only answer the call to ones that are worthy. Be discerning and think carefully. Career-wise, plan ahead and be observant in order to avoid investing your time and resources into projects that are not sustainable. Look at these situations from a long-term perspective to invest in projects that are built to last. Try to also work on your confidence and be consistent with your efforts. With your newfound discipline, you’ll move mountains.

Tarot card advice: Your card of the year is the Queen of Swords. You’re highly perceptive and possess the innate ability to sense the truth. You make sense of your environment and understand others well. This year, you’re being called to channel that ability outwards and be upfront about your thoughts and feelings. Establish clear boundaries and call someone out if they cross you. It’s time to step up and only show your soft side to the ones that have earned your trust.

All images courtesy of Queen of Pentacles.

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