16 August, 2014

Holy highlighter! We get made up by Saint Warren…

16 August, 2014

One of the reasons I love Hong Kong is how I’m constantly surprised by new hidden spaces! One of these was Saint Warren’s colourful and funky home studio right in my own neighbourhood in Sheung Wan. He looks like one of the hot drummers from a pop punk band with his baseball cap, tattoos and dare I say – flawless, supple looking skin.

“I wear make up everyday,” he admits, and I can see that it works wonders on men as much as it does on women.


Nearly two years into living in Hong Kong from London, Saint Warren previously worked on the M.A.C Cosmetics Elite Events team for 10 years on the likes of Jude Law and Judy Dench. Trained in beauty and fashion, it’s no wonder he was so informative about how make-up should be used day to day and how to care for your make-up too.

I asked him for a few tips and he recommended, “Keep a bottle of alcohol to dip your pencils in before you use them to keep them clean.”


For the last three years, he’s been doing all the make-up in London for renowned fashion label Ted Baker and has since expanded his work in the last two years to Hong Kong based events too! It’s no surprise that his talents landed him a job and even romance with the brand. Saint Warren is actually engaged to Ted Baker’s VP of Retail, Asia Pacific, Paul Hughes. The fashionaly hot duo are a pair to look out for in the city!


Before and after

Working with Saint Warren was so easy. He had every single M.A.C. Product you could want in your own make up collection and as a devoted M.A.C. Customer myself, I was so excited to be sitting at this work station!

night look

We started on my tea ceremony look, as it would be easier to switch up for a more natural look for the walk down the aisle. I noticed a painting on the wall of a contemporary Asian model with black liner and red pouty lips and he told me, “I love a classic Asian black eye liner and red lipstick. It’s one of my favourite looks.”

I ask Saint if I could share some of his industry secrets and as a particularly generous person, he gave me so many that I had to choose just a few to include from our time together! My favourite part about this look is how my eyeliner was pulled to a perfect point and my eyebrows were highlighted just below and above the top outer corners with concealer to give them another dimension.

I have to share his favourite secret before you even apply any make up to your face, get yourself a tube of Embryolisse Labroatories Lait Creme. It’s magic, all the models and make up artists use it, so get it! Two more tricks of the trade? Leave your false lash glue out for five minutes while you do your lipstick so it’s more tacky than wet when you apply your lashes on. Next, use leftover foundation on your foundation brush to blot and smooth out the edges of your blush for a more natural glow onto your skin.


For my evening walk down the aisle look, Saint darkened my eyebrows and lightened my lips with a more natural pink hue. There were no big changes, but it was so easy to go from one look to another without having to take it all off and put it all back on again. I felt so natural, beautiful and grateful that I was teaching at an event that night to a group of fashion bloggers! I’m still having doubts about false lashes so if you have a favourite place to get them done, please let me know.

Saint Warren’s work can also be found in Tatler Magazine. He is currently freelancing and brides, he is VERY affordable so book him for a trial already! See more about him on his website here!

Saint Warren, 6295 7625, email: [email protected], www.saintwarren.com 

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