16 August, 2014

Wedding glamour at Hollywood Hair

16 August, 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to be as pampered and groomed as Kim Kardashian, Hollywood Hair is the place to be, especially in preparation for your big day! Originally from South Africa, Rennie Fensham owns the creative magic hands behind the name and she’s been working in the fashion and beauty scene for nearly 30 years. She recently opened Hollywood Hair Sai Kung under the management of her daughter, Yentl, to expand her talented team across Hong Kong.


I went to Hollywood Hair a few days before my Hong Kong registry wedding day for a trial run. I was expecting an hour of playing with bobby pins and a little bit of make up. What I got was above and beyond my expectations! I was sent for a hair shining treatment along with an extra special head massage, as I was beginning to get sick after a long haul flight. Rennie also had my hair washed and set before she played with hair extensions and styled my hair, right before I left to have lunch with a girlfriend.

hollywood hair hk DCG

The make-up artist and manager, Krystina Te Kanawa at the Duddell street location, moved to Hong Kong recently from New Zealand. She worked previously on covering the 2010 London Olympics and CNN & CNBC stations as their main make-up girl! She has over eight years of experience and can recreate any look flawlessly over and over again with all her practice in television. She created a natural look for me that would flow from day into night (great for transitioning from the ceremony to the reception!), and instead of using a lipstick she had, asked me to bring in my own so she could create a colour for reapplication throughout the day.

hollywoodhair before and after

Before and after

On the morning of my wedding registry, a team of Hollywood Hair assistants alongside Rennie and Krystina made me feel like a celebrity! I was at the height of a cold and someone even brought me cold medication and hot soup for lunch before I left the salon. Rennie is so bubbly and uplifting, she’s absolutely the perfect person to go to if you ever needed a boost and Krystina is the grounding element if you’ve got wedding jitters.


While I was waiting for my hair to set, I stepped into Reverie for a look around. It’s a chic boutique with great new and vintage finds located within Hollywood Hair. I ended up borrowing a hair piece and buying a dress while I was looking around, and even had my dress hemmed for me to pick up the following week. (Psst, check out our review of Reverie here!)

hollywood hair DCG

Before and after

After the registry, I went back to Hollywood Hair a week later and met stylist Trang Hoang. A girl after my own Torontonian heart, she convinced me to lighten my hair and used the balayage technique with a caramel colour to create a base. I wasn’t ready to add in the bleach to the ends of my hair just yet, but I will be heading back before the big day to lighten up one last time.

Be sure to follow their Facebook page for monthly offers that are well worth every dollar!

Hollywood Hair, 23/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central District, Hong Kong, 2861 9830, www.hollywoodhair.com.hk


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