20 March, 2014

H&M SS14 – Festival junkies, your wardrobe awaits!

20 March, 2014

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Do you remember last season when I wanted to put together a band and do a world tour decked out in the H&M FW13 line?! Well, instead of being in the band, this season I think we should become festival junkies and waft from one stage to the next in search of love, peace, and all that is free-spirit fab! Start making your floral crowns, ladies, because H&M’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is all about the boho!


Every seasoned festival-goer needs a bit of embellishment on their attire! From fringe to tassels and ruffles to rhinestones, H&M makes sure that your outfit can sway to the beat with you! I loved this denim tunic, which would take you from bellowing along to your fave hits at a festival to HK brunching with ease. I’m also a fan of these OTT jeans, which will give you all the flair of a crafty DIYer but without all the hard work!


However, the must-have on our list is this wild fringe top (…or more of a mini dress depending on your height!); take the risk of looking like an extra on Sesame Street for all the boho beauty that comes along with wearing this! I’m seeing a messy topknot and some little black ankle boots for a look that will surely get you backstage with the bands.


For those that want to take their look to the max, slip into one of these beautiful floaty numbers. These long looks will make you feel instantly the lady and pair perfectly with an armful of wildflowers – toss them in the air and feel free as your dress dances around you!


I have already declared my undying love for this pale pink lacy number and will be buying it as soon as it hits stores on March 6th! Coachella here I come!


You never know when the skies may turn and you need something a bit heartier to keep you going through the gig! Toss on one of these cool coats to match the vibe and nix the chill; the embroidery, cut outs and prints will have you looking like a California dream, even if it feels like a winter’s day!


Every haute hippie knows that accessories are the key to completing a look – which is why you should pile on these pieces that look like they may have been handed down to you from a cool aunt… She can recount her Woodstock days as you Whatsapp your besties to plan out your festival festivities!


I am obsessed with these sandy-hued, knee-high, flat suede boots and could see myself jumping up on stage just to show them off to the crowd below!

Hong Kong’s festival scene is on the rise so I suggest stocking up on all these fresh looks from H&M, ready for them; all the goodies you see will hit stores here on 6 March 2014. Even if you aren’t one for hitting the festivals, then you can still feel free and fun wandering around town in these threads – even if the only tunes you hear are coming from your iPhone! Peace out!

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