16 August, 2013

H&M Fall/Winter 2013 – plus their great new recycling initiative

16 August, 2013
H&M FW13 dcg

After seeing H&M’s latest Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which is set to hit stores on 5 September, I somehow feel the need to change my direction in life. Sure, this whole blogger/ photographer world is fun… but wouldn’t starting my own rock band be even better? Let me show you H&M’s new goods and perhaps you will also be inclined to toss away that Blackberry and pick up a bass guitar to join me?! Plus I also have awesome news of H&M’s clothing collection initiative, which can help you recycle your old garb so you have space for all these new beauties!

h&m fw13 1

This may seem like a rather drastic plan that I have laid before you but think about this being your on the job uniform – knee-high boots, with a sheer beaded high-low tunic and a heavy overcoat on top! My vision for the band is a bit Brit-punk but if you wear the red version, then maybe we could go in a more sugar-sweet matchy-matchy Supremes direction. Think on it!

h&m fw13 2

Or we could go for a more leather clad Suzi Quatro get-up and don these bad-ass beauts while head-banging to the riff! If the pyrotechnics display doesn’t warm us up, then these surely will! Besides, can you name one legit rocker who hasn’t owned leather pants?

h&m fw13 3

We are going to need some flashy accessories that show up on stage as we are jumping off the amps! I think this fringe belt would do the trick! Or maybe you can wear this beaded half top over a long black gown while belting out a power ballad as 50,000 lighters sway gently in the darkened arena.

h&m fw13 4

I think we are set for the performance outfits, but what about when the show is over? We are going to need the proper attire for partying backstage, greeting fans, and trashing hotel rooms. I suggest we start with a basic black pencil skirt or cigarette pants and top it with one of these show-stopping coats. These are also great for burying your face in when scurrying past the press – no comment!

h&m fw13 5

For stashing stray guitar picks and fan letters, these bags will surely come in handy. While heels are the name of the game for our on-stage antics, flats are what we need when racing to our private plane for that red-eye to Rio. Plus, of course, some flashy jewels always come in handy for distracting the paparazzi!

No matter how wild things get on the road, every rocker knows that you have to take time and give back! That is why H&M is launching a garment collecting initiative throughout all their stores in Hong Kong. You can now bring in all of your pre-loved garments from any brand to H&M and for each bag of clothing you donate, you’ll receive a voucher redeemable for 10% off one new item in-store. All the donated items will then be made available for use as raw materials or new products. H&M strives for zero waste, greater sustainability and a closed loop on textiles and is committed to reusing and recycling on a large scale – what a great scheme!

sabrina h&m recycling initiative

Now that we have all of the details ironed out for our new band and how we can do some good, we just need a name for ourselves! Any suggestions? Me neither [Ed: What about The Sassy Girls?!]. How about we meet on 5 September when these new goods are launched at H&M and hash it out then? Don’t’ forget to bring a few bags of used clothing so that we can start off on the right foot and also score a little discount for our new rocker wardrobe!

Check out more items from the new collection in our Facebook Album here.

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Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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