4 July, 2012

Hair Konnections – get the hair of your dreams with extensions, styles and colours galore!

4 July, 2012

I’m the last person I would ever suggest to write a post about hair. My normal ‘hair care routine’ revolves around subjecting my poor hair to sun, sea and sand, and ending up with strange beach blonde highlights (just ask my hairdresser!) but when I saw our former That Girl Jasmine with some wicked leopard print extensions in her hair, I had to know more! It turned out to be an ingenious clip-in hair extension from Hair Konnections.

Run by the lovely Cheri and based in Sheung Wan, Hair Konnections launched in Hong Kong late last year. Cheri was a top hair stylist in Texas before moving to Hong Kong, and so running her own hair extension company plays to her expertise as she has so much experience using the products (including brands like Pop and Hairdo extensions and organic haircare products too). Cheri showed me how you can instantly change your style by using the pop-in hair extensions to add length or colour.

The extensions come with sturdy flat clips at the top that slide easily in to your hair and snap shut. Once in, it is easy to hide the clip under another piece of your real hair, and they feel secure but comfortable.  We started with 6 inch white blonde extensions that Cheri clipped to the lower section of my hair, instantly evening out my usual sun-bleached look. We followed this with a thicker dark blonde net of hair extensions that boosted my hair thickness and gave me great volume and curls – Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!

I was really impressed at how well the colour and feel of the extensions matched my real hair, and Cheri has a huge range of tones to choose from whether you are fair like me, or have a darker brunette color. For an evening out, this is a great way to instantly change your style by adding length, or by sporting a clip-in fringe or ponytail. The hair moves naturally and has great texture, and can be curled, brushed and styled along with your real hair, so the options are limitless!

However, my favorite extensions have to be the smaller clips in a rainbow of colours. Cheri and I went crazy adding blue, hot pink and teal stripes to my hair, as well as the amazing leopard print extension I had originally spotted on Jasmine. I took a hot pink and teal extension home with me and have been wearing them constantly since then – at the beach where they are great for a fun casual weekend look, on nights out, and even at the office, tucked inside a ponytail for that unexpected flash of colour!

Hair Konnection products are available directly via Cheri’s shop (remember to make an appointment first!) and at selected hairdressers throughout Hong Kong; they are also on Facebook, so ‘like’ them to find out which best-dressed people have been spotted wearing their extensions recently!

Hair Konnections, 111-115 Jervois Street, 3FL/Flat B Man Bond Building Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. By appointment only, so call 5190 8362 or email [email protected] for an appointment.


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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