19 January, 2011

Hair Hotline with Kim Robinson

19 January, 2011
Kim Robinson is back with us today to answer the questions you submitted to him after his first guest post. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question to him and a special congrats goes out to the winner of Kim’s favourite question. Read below to find out which question topped his list!

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in after my first guest post with their most pressing hair questions and dilemmas. I’ve had a great time reading through your questions and as we try to wipe away the January blues or stick with our New Year’s Resolutions (did anyone resolve to look fabulous this year?), there’s no better time than the present to book your next appointment for a fabulous new hair style or a treatment to keep your hair healthy, shiny, voluminous and frizz-free.

Question 1: I have long brown hair that is to my waist. I am considering getting some bangs and taking the length to just under the bust line to change the look and lighten the load. What type of bangs suit a lower forehead and an oval face? I love the Heidi Klum 2003 Elle mag spread- it’s my hairspiration!

Hi! Great choice in style – I love Heidi’s look and wish more of my clients had your taste. Her hair is fresh and still very now, even though the shoot was from 2003. There is something really beautiful about a long, layered look and taking the length up will definitely add movement to your hair and take out some of that weighty, density. To work with your forehead, I would blend your fringe into the cut, with the bangs slightly shorter in the middle and longer on the sides.

Question 2: How do I make my hair look big and voluminous and make it stay that way without spraying it in place?  I’ve tried blow drying my hair with my head upside to fluff it up; this works great for a few hours but doesn’t last me the whole night!  I’m not thinking Cher big, but just something that gives a nice bounce to my walk in heels.

Hi! Okay, volume is a tricky one, especially when the weather starts getting humid.  But here are some tips that might make things a little easier.

First, make sure that your layers provide fullness where you need it. Too often, I see women with a layered cut that totally does not work with their face shape or that’s grown out and the hair just hangs flat. For example, if you have a narrow forehead and wider cheeks, you want some shorter layers on top to balance everything else, but it will also give you your initial lift.

Only use conditioner on the tips of your hair (never, ever the scalp) and you only need a tiny amount for the ends. Applying conditioner from root to tip really weighs the hair down.

If you can afford to spend a little bit more, I have a treatment called DIJO Wave, which I would recommend for volume. DIJO Wave is the new generation of perms, but it is so different than your mother’s perm that I hesitate even using the word “perm”. Essentially, a combination of pH-balanced solution and customizable hot curling rods are placed in your hair to help give you bounce and volume. The new technology makes your curls “remember” their setting so you can just cleanse-and-go without having to worry about the fuss of styling. A lot of my clients with thin, flat hair really love the DIJO Wave and it tends to last between 3-4 months.

Question 3: My question is what would be a suitable cut for a round face? As most of us Chinese don’t have a clear jaw line. So I would like to know what type of cutting could better protrude our facial line. Thanks!!

Hi! Hate to criticize you on our first date, but most Chinese women?  Like all women, Chinese women have different face shapes and while I get the round face question a lot, I get just as many “my face is too long” questions from Hong Kong girls! Okay, but let’s get down to business with your question. In general, a round face tends to balance out better with a straighter style as opposed to a curlier style. Shorter styles will also help define a frame and sharpen the features and sometimes having a length that hits at the chin give you instant definition!

Question 4: I would like to know what kind of hairstyle would best suit someone who has a oval shaped face (small head) and yet has broad shoulders (not quite petite frame)! Especially in Hong Kong where the humidity can make managing hair difficult what do you recommend as a good hairstyle?

Lots of questions about hair and different face shapes today! I think the big take-home advice is to look for balance in your look. For an oval face and broad shoulders, your goal is to add volume to your hair to help streamline and deemphasize the shoulders. A shorter style helps with this because it takes away the weight of the hair from your shoulders and really shows off your neck – and the mid-length look is bang on-trend at the moment. For further volume, I’d suggest the DIJO Wave, which adds further volume and balance.

Question 5: Hi Kim, does your salon have the Keratin treatment that seems to be the rave now? Do you think it is any good?

Hi, great question! At kimrobinson we have a treatment called Texture Restoration System, an exclusive protein treatment that helps tame frizzy hair, but also helps restore hair to give it a sleek, glossy shine. It’s a great treatment to battle humidity and the aggressive environmental conditions in Hong Kong.

What I like about TRS is that it is completely different from chemical hair straighteners and relaxers – the protein compound is delivered straight to the hair in a raw state and there are no harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde. For me, it’s very important that treatments are gentle on the hair because the whole point is to treat the hair, not to apply something that makes your hair look good, but actually damages it.

Thanks again to everyone who wrote in. Unfortunately, there is only one winner this time and the Sassy girls have asked me to pick my favourite question. So without further delay, congratulations to the lovely Farhat (question no.2), who wins one of my favourite hairbands – a studded band from the kimrobinson accessories collection!

Much love, Kim

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