9 December, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kim Robinson gives Sassy a hair education

9 December, 2010

We kind of feel very lucky to have celebrity hairstylist Kim Robinson as our special guest blogger for today. You see, when it comes to hair Kim knows it all and he has very graciously offered to give Sassy readers some of his top tips that will help keep our hair in perfect shape. Have fun reading and make sure you leave a comment for us if you have any burning hair questions for Kim. Kim will be answering his favourite ones in a future post and he will even be giving a prize to one lucky girl (see below for more details!).

A woman’s hair is about as personal as it gets and yet, at the same time, it’s one of the first things a complete stranger will notice. Whether you’re the type of woman to have a fresh style every other month or someone who prefers a signature look, great hair makes you feel beautiful, confident and powerful.

Sadly, over the years, I’ve seen more bad hair than good – or worse, hair which is completely unflattering to a woman’s face shape or ill-suited to her lifestyle. But all is not lost. Beautiful hair can be achieved and it need not be unaffordable. Here are some of my favourite tips.

Know when to splurge and when to save. One of my hair care commandments is to choose a quality treatment and use less of it. The majority of your shampoo or conditioner is rinsed away, with your money literary going down the drain. Solve this problem by using a high-quality hair mask instead of your everyday conditioner. After cleansing your hair, apply a tiny amount of a treatment mask to the ends only (never your scalp). Comb through the treatment to flatten the cuticle, evenly distribute the product and detangle hair before rinsing. While the initial price point is higher, you recoup the cost because the product takes you and your wallet further, while giving your hair the nourishment it needs.

It’s about the cut, not about the blow dry. If you’ve ever walked out of a salon feeling like Kate Moss and then a day later like a bag lady, then you could be spending too much on the blow dry and not enough on the cut. A good cut is an investment, especially if you’re the kind of woman who likes cleanse-and-go ease.

Get with the future. Upwards of 90 per cent of Hong Kong women colour their hair. While I could write a whole post about why skunk highlights are never a good thing, it’s just as important that you know that there’s been a breakthrough in colour technology with L’Oreal’s INOA. Shades are gorgeous, but the breakthrough so important because INOA changes the way colour is delivered to the hair, using an oil delivery system that is ammonia-free and without any of the discomfort from the old systems.

Know your rights. Truly unhappy with your cut? Go back to the stylist and let him know. You have a right to love your hair and if it’s truly awful, give your stylist a chance to fix it.

We’re not mind readers. While one of my commandments is that a stylist should listen more than he talks, you need to give him something to listen to. It’s basic, but if you’re going for a big change, bring in a photograph to give your stylist a visual. From there, a good stylist will work with you to tailor that look to your face shape and your lifestyle.

Try before you buy. If you’re trying out a new stylist for the first time, why not book a cleanse and style before going in for the big cut? At this “try out” you can see whether you and your stylist click. Sometimes a stylist is simply too edgy for your classic look or you may discover you’re a perfect fit. Another secret: Go early to your try-out, wait in the reception area and scope out the women coming out of the salon. Like what you see? Good. Not so sure? Best not to take chances with your hair.

** Have a question for Kim? Write your questions in the comments section or email us at [email protected]. Kim will answer your hair questions in his next pro-tips column and the girl who comes up with the Kim’s favourite one will win a studded hairband made of the head-conforming resin acetate (no headaches!) from the AW2010 kimrobinson accessories collection.

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