31 May, 2010

Guest Blogger: A fitness phobe’s guide to a better body!

31 May, 2010

This weekend was not the best diet weekend for me (Maura). My food intake pretty much consisted of ribs, macaroni and cheese, steak/sausages, M&M’s etc… (I can keep going on but it was never healthy in any way!).  Needless to say Georgina’s post on personal training is very timely for me. I am assuming many of you are in the same boat as me and are waking up on this Monday morning with a mission to get motivated on the health & fitness front this week. If you have a personal trainer you love please let us know!

I haven’t been into a gym in years.  After having donated a fortune to countless numbers of them and not gone, I’ve come to accept that I can’t be bothered to do exercise and not see results.

That’s where personal training comes in. It works. For one simple reason: motivation. A personal trainer hovers over you while you do various forms of humiliating exercises. They pat you on the back when you do a good job and, most importantly, they make sure you come back and do it all again.

After a month of enjoying the debaucheries of Hong Kong, my body was crying out for help. It needed some serious reconstruction. Enter Richard Clow, personal trainer d’excellence. Richard came with strong Geoexpat recommendations. Famed for making fat girls slim, I thought I’d give him a try. Three sessions later, my body and I are now on the road to recovery. Hooray!

Introduction Session
Richard spent the first session assessing me.He asked me what my goals are, which, are obviously to look like a million dollars. Hey, we all have dreams! He then looked at my posture (terrible), knees (slightly knocked), ankle strength, overall muscle strength, flexibility (no comment), asked about my diet and took copious notes as we worked our way from top to toe. He recommended I keep a food diary so we can then modify it to help me lose the extra bits I’ve put on. He’s going to measure my % of body fat next week. Gulp.

Subsequent Sessions
In the following sessions, Richard has focused on getting me into tip top condition. He’s tailored a program for me that targets my problem areas and works up a serious sweat.  I told him I die of boredom on a treadmill, and he took it to heart, as I’m hanging off the TRX, lunging on and off half balls, squatting on the Power Plate and swinging kettle bells. It’s tough I won’t deny it, but it feels good, and who can beat that feeling when your bum doesn’t wobble when you sneeze?

Where to find Richard, and many other trainers and classes
Optimum Performance Studio, World Trust Tower, 2nd Floor, 50 Stanley Street.  Tel: 852 2868 5170
Richard Clow.  Tel: 68576050, [email protected].  He can also train you at your gym at home.

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