12 August, 2015

Four Ways to Wear with Kim: Denim

12 August, 2015


When it comes to the height of summer, we get so sticky after walking 100 metres that the thought of lobbing on a pair of skinny jeans is a sweaty nightmare. So, we leave our denim in the wardrobe, only to be brought out when cooler weather kicks in. Denim, however, is still one of the most versatile and durable fabrics out there. In Asia especially, we have an abundance of choices that mean you can don your denim with cool comfort, and not reduce yourself to a red hot mess.

Forget skinny jeans, here are my suggestions on Summer Denim looks for all occasions.

kim-1Going double denim
The sun can be strong over here, so it’s important to cover up and protect yourself from the UV. I found this ultra lightweight, strapless denim jumpsuit in the Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren summer collection. Perhaps not rocket science, but they have researched long and hard to find a denim that’s bearable in the heat, and still chic and comfortable. I’ve teamed this with a denim shirt and a little colour to break up the blue and hide my shoulders. Draping your shirt or jacket is an elegant way to cover up and keep cool.

I’m wearing:  Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Jumpsuit Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Shirt,  Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Khaki JacketWhite leather Converse Shoes

I recommend: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Overalls

kim-2Summer sightseeing
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing a high level of insta-jealousy over these summer months, liking with gusto my friend’s images of beautiful holiday destinations and sunsets in far away places. Travel for me is an essential pleasure in life and I’m just as happy on the beach, as I am in the city, prioritising time to discover and pamper.

When it comes to exploring cities, a common mistake is to over-dress and end up uncomfortable in heels and layers of clothes. In warm weather, keep it simple, a slouchy t-shirt and baggy boyfriend jeans create a relaxed look without any fuss. I’m a particular fan of ripped jeans, because they keep you cool, and the distressed fabric is a nice contrast to the understated tee. Some classic sunnies and a stylish camera, complete your urban explorer look, enabling you to be trigger happy when capturing magical moments.

I’m wearing: COS T-shirt, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Boyfriend JeansCanon EOS 100D CameraHan Kjøbenhavn Sunglasses

I recommend: Slouchy white tee

When I was younger, I thought of overalls (or dungarees) as a 90’s grunge mistake. These days, I love a laid back weekend onesie, and since my last visit to LA where I picked up these from 3×1, I have not stopped wearing them. Paired with a tight little tee, or a crochet crop top, overalls are easy and airy. I also think they’re a great alternative to the cut denim shorts, which sometimes show a little more leg than the imagination can conjure.

I’m wearing: 3×1 NYC Overalls, Chicameo crochet crop topFlea in Pebble Bag available at A Boy Named Sue

I recommend: Overall meets skirt combo

kim-5Spritz time?
Denim doesn’t have to be blue. These days white or black denim is just as popular as the traditional blue. Teaming it up with a chic colourful skirt or shawl brings a whole new dimension to a Summer’s evening look, or a beach side meal. Complimenting my Summer glow, this white denim shirt is also breezy and soft, keeping any sweat marks a secret and smartening up my party look.

I’m wearing: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren white shirtChicameo skirt Saint Laurent shoes, Rachael Ruddick evening clutch, Chicameo shawl

I recommend: Oversized denim shirt

Follow Kim Ing’s adventures on Instagram! All photos in the article above were taken by Kathy Li from KayellephotoSpecial thanks to Denim & Supply Ralph LaurenChicameo and A Boy Named Sue

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