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Fedrigoni- Papercuts

Last night Maura and I attended an event for the Fedrigoni Group, Papercuts at the Armani Bar. Fedrigoni is a leader in the paper production and distribution industry. The Fedrigoni family has been involved in the world of paper since 1717, and most recently setup operations here in Asia in 2006. The thing that sets Fedrigoni apart from the rest, is their eco-friendly goals. Environmental awareness is one of the values that is inspiring all aspects of their Group. Fedrigoni has been developing operations to reduce the environmental impact of paper production, trying to lower emissions and power consumption. Being eco- friendly also means that they use safe and biodegradable materials in their paper.

The Fedrigoni Group brought an element of surprise to the event. They had models all dressed in paper. This totally gives a new meaning to going green! Think about it, you can wear a dress that is composed of all eco-friendly and biodegradable paper, toss it into the recycle bin once you’re over the style, and further help the environment. Lol! One of the models was literally wearing a strapless, form fitting dress that was completely made of paper. Another was wearing a great striped paper tie. The detail, design, and quality of the clothes were so stunning, we didn’t even realize it was paper!

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