Exclusive Interview: HK Fashion Geek

One of our favourite Hong Kong fashion blogs is Hong Kong Fashion Geek – a super-quirky glimpse into the fashion-obsessed minds of two HK girls who until recently have only been known by their pseudonyms: hkFashionGeek and hkShoeGeek. We sat them both down to ask them some probing fashion questions. First up, hkFashionGeek takes the hot seat!

Sassy: Who is your style icon?
hkFashionGeek: I don’t have a specific style icon per say but I do admire people who accept their body shape and make a statement a la Beth Ditto. The world is too obsessed with size especially in Hong Kong where a normal sized girl is routinely bashed for being XXXL.

Sassy: What is your favourite store in Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: Fashion wise, there’s this tiny boutique in Island Beverly Mall in Causeway Bay called Princess. All their clothing is by a local Hong Kong designer and they have super funky pieces. Regular readers will know that us Geeks love convertible clothing and Princess has some of the most versatile pieces I’ve found at affordable prices. I also have this fascination with the lifestyle section of City Super. I am never bored in there. There’re so many interesting gadgets, toys and other random items to check out. (See why I call myself FashionGeek?)

Sassy: What is your number 1 tip for making the most out of your wardrobe?
hkFashionGeek: I’m all about the accessories and the same outfit can be completely transformed with different jewellery, chain harnesses, brooches, belts, bags, shoes, scarves and caps. You name the accessory, I probably have it.

Sassy: Worst fashion mistake you have ever made?
hkFashionGeek: Oh boy, this is a toughie. Probably the worst mistake was when I was still going to raves and wore this nude fishnet lacy see through top with really baggy blue jeans. My only excuse was that I was young.

Sassy: Can you describe your favourite outfit for us?
hkFashionGeek: The outfit is simple (see above picture!). A black knitted thigh length tunic that I bought from Tokyo paired with the most awesome leggings I picked up from one of those mass disposable fashion stores in Wanchai for HK$50. The leggings look like someone had slashed through the material and neon yellow shows up underneath. A studded neon yellow belt from Pac Sun in the US completes the outfit along with a pair of Galliano fishnet stilettos. (I never used to have a shoe fetish until ShoeGeek infected me.) To finish off the outfit, I am wearing jewellery by Chic Infinity, specifically The Planets are Aligned necklace, All Chained Up necklace styled as a bracelet and the All Chained up ring (see image of amazing Chic Infinity silver rope ladder harness necklace below).

Sassy: If you had unlimited money to spend on just one item for Autumn/Winter, what would it be?

hkFashionGeek: The Giuseppe Zanotti zipper ankle boots. Of course, if I had them, my many visits to Lane Crawford just to take a look at the boots will have to end but I’m sure I’ll find something else to obsess over. If I could go back in time with unlimited funds, I would totally buy the Giuseppe Zanotti boots that in our logo.

Sassy: What do you love about Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: That there is such a wide range of fashion choices available from disposable fashion boutiques where you can get clothing for under HK$100 to high end places like Lane Crawford. There’s nothing like mixing the cheap with the super expensive (although for the Geeks, the super expensive is likely to have been purchased at a warehouse sale) to create the ultimate statement.

Sassy: Least favourite thing about Hong Kong?
hkFashionGeek: The lack of winter. I bought four gorgeous coats (including an ankle-length one) last year and only got to wear them once!

Thanks hkFashion Geek! Next week, look out for our interview with hkShoeGeek!
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