8 August, 2012
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Go with the fro! Cool down with EskiMO’s froyo cakes

8 August, 2012

I may be Sassy’s resident dessert queen… yet even I’m not a huge fan of chowing down half-melted chocolates and warm stodgy sponges in this sweltering summer. So if you’re need of a sweet treat a whole lot cooler than Maxim’s regular offerings, EskiMO’s frozen yoghurt cakes and cupcakes might be just the ticket!

Marrying two of HK’s hottest crazes – froyo and cupcakes – Chef Damion has come up with the ultimate summer treat! I’ve heard of ice cream cakes before, but froyo cakes are a bit of a new one for me… and having tried these icy delights, I wondered why no one had thought of them sooner! They’re a whole lot lighter and fresher than their creamy counterparts, making them ideal for hot humid Hong Kong.

I tried an EskiMO’s Oreo Cookies n’ Cream cake and it was so light, I practically finished it in one sitting! EskiMO’s froyo is a little bit tarter than my all-time favourite (Crumbs, need you ask?! And you can check out the other Sassy faves here) but the abundance of scrummy crushed chocolate cookies gave it a nice balance. I also tried a few of the cupcakes, which were more goo-ey than the Oreo cake (thus presenting a slight eating issue – a fork? spoon? fingers?) and a bit too overloaded with toppings, but they make for a fun colourful alternative to the omnipresent HK cupcakes and cream cakes, especially for summer.

These would be great for perking up a whole office this August (and yes, EskiMO’s do deliver!) or as something a little bit different for parties, weddings or other special occasions. They also do survive being re-frozen… so if you’re a pig like me, you can even get a big cake and slice it up to eat throughout a week when you need a froyo pick-me-up!

EskiMO’s frozen yoghurt cakes cost $168 for 1lb, $288 for 2lb and $488 for 4lb options; they can also be made to special request. Cupcakes are $25 each or $120 for six pieces.

Eskimo’s Yogurt Minor Portion Of Shop 416, Level 4, 100 Cyberport Rd, Cyberport
2758 0002 www.eskimos.hk


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