26 August, 2011

Elemis Day Spa Hybrid GELeration Manicure

26 August, 2011

UPDATE: EDS has now closed.

This week I moonlighted as one of our beauty bloggers and was fortunate enough to be invited to the Elemis Day Spa in Central to try out their new GELeration manicure.

Like most HK ladies, I am get my nails and toes done on a regular basis. My toes stay on for a few weeks but I can guarantee you that my mani’s last no more than 5 days.. I blame this on my keyboard !

If like me, you either scratch your nails within the first 10 minutes after a mani because you are fumbling around in your handbag to find cash to pay the taxi, or wake up the next day with the marks of your duvet fabric imprinted on your nails because they didn’t dry properly… then look no further. The words Elemis GELeration will be magic to your ears. GELeration is a new treatment that as well as giving natural nails a perfect and long lasting finish, can help traditional LED gel and acrylic nail users break their habit. It is essentially a toxic additive-free, hybrid polish that gives nails a durable, pristine finish. Applied like a regular polish but with the staying power of a gel, a GELeration Nails manicure or pedicure can last up to 3 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading.

So on a hot and sticky Tuesday evening, I arrived at the tranquil Elemis Day Spa and was introduced to Hema, the wonderful manicurist who was going to transform my chipped and cracked nails into a flawless and groomed work of art. Hema started off explaining the meticulous process to me.. and let me assure you, an Elemis GELeration manicure will be the most detailed manicure you will ever experience.

After helping me select my colour of choice ( I had 26 shades to pick from!) I settled on a deep red called Merlot, Hema set about cutting, filing and buffing my nails down to perfection. The additional buffing process is critical as it allows the gel polish to cling to your nails properly and will ensure the application goes on smoothly. She then pulled out a small LED hand dryer (don’t worry, skin friendly LED light as opposed to harmful UV light) and explained that every application of the base coat, gel polish and top coat must be dried under the LED light for 90 seconds before the next coat goes on ! This allows the gel polish to bond to your nails and each other for a smooth and rich shiny finish.

As Hema worked her magic applying layer upon layer of gel polish, I could see the colour build up nicely and after 3 coats of Merlot polish, a gorgeous vampy and sexy dark red had been perfectly applied to my nails. Now this is where the magic is, Hema applied the top coat and when my nails were under the LED light for the final time, it wasn’t the usual clear top coat that you normally expect, it was a ghostly opaque white that dried into a shiny coat and just like that my nails were dry and done ! To prove my disbelief that my nails were indeed dry, Hema wiped each of my nails with a special nail cleanser and voila, my now shiny and deep red nails were intact and unscratched.

Finally, what followed was one of the best arm and hand massage a girl could ask for. It was the perfect way end my manicure at the Elemis Day Spa. As I trooped off to meet my husband for dinner, I was one very happy sassy lass with shiny new nails that will last for 3 looong weeks ! Keyboard and duvet drama’s are a thing of the past ! Only downside is that you will need to return to the Spa to get your polish removed properly, however ladies, we finally have a legit reason to back to the spa. No more excuses needed!

To mark the launch of GELeration Nails, Elemis day-spa is offering 30% off the first time cost of GELeration manicures ($378) and pedicures ($483) until September 30th. To receive the discount just mention Sassy when making the booking. A special package designed to safely transition to natural nails from hard gel is also available costing $3,240 for 6 manicures plus 1 manicure for free.

For further details or to make a booking, please contact:
Elemis day-spa (T: 2521 6660) 9/F Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central

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