20 April, 2017
Soho Spice featured image
Soho Spice featured image
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Soho Spice: The New Look

20 April, 2017
Soho Spice featured image

Southeast Asian Street Eats

Meet me in the middle price sticker

District: Soho, Central, Hong Kong
Cuisine: Southeast Asian street food
How much: Dishes range between $78 – $208
The best for: Laid back dinner with friends and family
Must Order: Bao Sliders – Soft Shell Crab

Nestled in the happening Elgin Street, Soho Spice is no stranger to the Soho dining scene. A landmark in the area for 14 years, Dining Concept’s Soho Spice prides itself on its passion for contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine, which draws inspirations from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and local regions.

If you’re a Southeast Asian food lover (like me), then the new Soho Spice street food-inspired menu designed by Chef Peter Cuong Franklin will take you back to the land of bold flavours and and impressive spices – all in the comfort of the restaurant’s sophisticated, yet laid back dining room, complemented by an al fresco secret garden wreathed by fairy lights.

Soho spice bao sliders

The menu is succinct but features the most beloved dishes from Southeast Asia. They first had me at the Bao Sliders, which has an option of Pork Belly ($78) and Soft Shell Crab ($88). Honestly I couldn’t choose between the two, so I simply chowed down both, because the baos were so juicy and well-spiced.

Soho Spice Chicken Satay

What’s a Southeast Asian meal without skewers? Beef Skewers ($98) and Chicken Satay Skewers ($98) might be signature classics in many restaurants but proper grilled meat is always a plus. With a chicken skewer in one hand (and a crisp glass of Riesling in the other), I was ready to get stuck in the next dish.

Soho Spice salmon tartare

As a huge fan of sashimi, I was delighted to see Salmon Tartare ($108) on the menu. I was surprised by how refreshing this dish was and the portion was great for sharing. Fresh Norwegian Salmon can never go wrong and as someone who has had their fair share of all kinds of tartare, this definitely ranks high for quality (and creativity).

And the perfect dessert to end this delightful meal? You guessed it. The classic Mango Sticky Rice ($78) is totally the way to my heart and although I already stuffed myself silly I couldn’t say no to this indulgent treat.

For a stylish dining encounter, go for the outdoor seating in the secret garden – the perfect spot for a romantic date or a relaxed dinner with friends and family.

Soho Spice, 47B Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/SohoSpiceHK

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