17 September, 2021
Coravin Pivot wine preservation system hero
Coravin Pivot wine preservation system hero
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Enjoy Your Favourite Wine Any Time With Coravin

17 September, 2021
Coravin Pivot wine preservation system hero scoop

Calling all oenophiles wannabe or otherwise! Red, white or rosé wine, it doesn’t matter. Everything is now open with Coravin wine preservation systems.

Are you an all-around wine lover? Perhaps tonight you’ll feel like a bold, full-bodied glass of red wine with a hearty steak. But tomorrow you might be more in the mood for a light and fruity white wine to go with your afternoon cheese board. And let’s not forget a splash of rosé to keep it fresh over the weekend. We hear you! Coravin wine preservation systems can meaningfully change the way you enjoy wines. You’ll never need to decide whether it’s worth cracking open a full bottle when you only really want a single glass, or about having multiple bottles on the go at once.

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Typically, when you open a bottle of wine it should be drunk soon after. If you don’t finish it in one sitting, the quality starts to decline pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid collector or pick your wine up on the weekly grocery run, no one wants to see their wine go to waste!

Coravin — Your At-Home Answer To Wine Storage

Coravin’s innovation comes from the non-coring needles that displace the cork of a wine bottle, without letting in any air. As you pour, the air is replaced with Argon gas, preserving your wine. It’s as if the bottle was never opened and it can be stored this way for weeks, months or even years! It has the endorsement of the worldwide wine industry, and you can bring that standard to your own wine collection.

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Wine And Dine With Ease Thanks To The Coravin Pivot

We all know the challenge, you want to unwind with a couple of glasses of your favorite wine, but your partner is more of a whiskey lover. Or the girls are coming over for a cocktail before a night out, when all you really want is a glass of rosé.

Enter the Coravin Pivot. More than just a wine stopper, this handy device will preserve your wine for up to four weeks certainly enough time to finish that bottle! Enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want.

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How Does The Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System Work?

The team has adapted and scaled its wine preservation technology to help with your single bottle wine storage.

  1. Open your favourite bottle of wine and insert the Coravin stopper.
  2. Attach your Coravin Pivot, press the button and pour.
  3. When you’re done remove the Pivot and close the wine stopper. Simple!

The secret to your wine storage is eliminating the chance of oxidation. Ordinary wine stoppers will simply seal your bottle, exposing your wine to the oxygen and trapping it inside. Instead, the Coravin Pivot replaces the air with pure Argon gas as you pour. The result is a glass of wine as fresh as the day you opened the bottle.

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What’s Included With Your Coravin Pivot

In the box you’ll find your Coravin Pivot device, two stoppers and one Coravin Pure Argon capsule (good for 20 pours or four 750ml bottles). To elevate your drinking experience, upgrade to the Pivot+ which includes an aerator to deliver your wine at its aromatic and flavourful best as well as an extra Coravin Pure capsule.

Want more? Extra stoppers, Coravin Pure capsules and aerators can be purchased separately. Still undecided? Your order comes with a 30-day risk-free trial and a one-year warranty so you can give it a go yourself.

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