Your Guide To The Best Supermarket Wines

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Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Let’s start with a classic: Cloudy Bay. With the release of its iconic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Cloudy Bay was one of the first winemakers to put Marlborough, New Zealand on the vino map. Expect a fresh, vibrant flavour with notes of gooseberry and lime. This pick is best served chilled when the acidity is at its peak.

Where’s it from? Marlborough, New Zealand
Where can I buy it? Wellcome, PARKnSHOP, Market Place by Jasons
What’s it best for? Starting the evening with
How much does it cost? $280

Sassy Tip: Cloudy Bay has expanded into other varietals, including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which are worth a try.

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Tommasi, Pinot Grigio Le Rosse

No wine list would be complete without a good Pinot Grigio. With floral, apple and melon notes, this pick’s simple palate holds mass appeal. What’s more, Tommasi is a trusted name from the Valpolicella region, dedicating a single vineyard called Le Rosse to Pinot alone. At this price point, a single vineyard wine (which is an assurance of flavour), is a rare find!

Where’s it from? Veneto, North Italy
Where can I buy it? PARKnSHOP
What’s it best for? This is a great anytime, anywhere wine – best served chilled!
How much does it cost? $129

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Sacred Hill, Origin Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay

A crowd favourite, this wine is consistently sold out! Three friends started Sacred Hill back in 1986 and called themselves the “renegades”. Since then, they’ve won many awards for their work, and their top-tier Chardonnay is counted in New Zealand’s best list. The Origin series chardonnay is a balanced affair – ripe stone fruit, citrus peel and hazelnut notes, and lovely acidity. Even though the wine has been aged in oak for five months, the flavour isn’t too oaky, just complex.

Where’s it from? Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Where can I buy it? Market Place by Jasons, PARKnSHOP
What’s it best for? Seafood and chicken dishes
How much does it cost? $209

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Miraval, Provence Rosé

Brad and Angelina might have broken up, but they maintain ownership of the stunning Chateau Miraval. Besides star power, Miraval delivers a vibrant and refreshing rosé with delightful rose floral notes, berry fruit and that signature minerality. We love the elegant bottle too!

Where’s it from? Provence, France
Where can I buy it? Market Place by Jasons, Wellcome
What’s it best for? Happy Hour!
How much does it cost? $239


5 / 10

Triennes, Rosé Méditerranee IGP 2019

While Miraval has star power, Triennes boasts pedigree. The estate is owned by Burgundy’s Domaine de Dujac who, along with his partners, brings the same Burgundian purity and passion to his Provence vineyards. The estate sits on top of the hills near Marseille. Here, the sloping landscape allows the grapes to ripen slowly with uninterrupted access to sun and cooling winds in the evening, resulting in far superior wines. With the Rosé Méditerranee, expect floral notes with a touch of berries and citrus zest, finished with crisp acidity.

Where’s it from? Provence, France
Where can I buy it? Market Place by Jasons
What’s it best for? Accompanying a platter of cold cuts and nibbles
How much does it cost? $159


6 / 10

Cono Sur, Bicicleta Reserva Pinot Noir

The Cono Sur brand is known around the world for its approachable value wines, with the Bicicleta range as its entry-level offering. This Pinot Noir in particular has a simple fruit profile of cherries and plum notes. Plus, it happens to be one of the UK’s most popular reds. Coming in at under $100, you really can’t go wrong!

Where’s it from? Chile
Where can I buy it? PARKnSHOP
What’s it best for? Cheese boards
How much does it cost? $69

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Carpineto, Chianti Classico Riserva 2015

Take a trip to Tuscany with this cherry-laden Chianti. Carpineto sources its wines from Greve in Tuscany, one of the top villages for Chianti, which enables this pick to earn a DOCG label – the highest quality label in the land. Aged for six months in oak casks, this process adds a note of vanilla to the original cherry and leather profile.

Where’s it from? Greve, Tuscany, Italy
Where can I buy it? Wellcome
What’s it best for? Tomato-based pasta
How much does it cost? $335

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Ségla, Margaux 2013

Good Bordeaux wines are hard to come by at supermarkets, so make sure you don’t sleep on Ségla. It’s the second label of the famed Chateau Rauzan Ségla, so rest assured, it is made by an experienced winemaker with grapes grown on fabled land. The bottle packs ripe notes of plums, blackcurrant and blackberries, coupled with smooth velvet tannins. This one is great when you have guests to impress.

Where’s it from? Margaux, Bordeaux, France
Where can I buy it? Market Place by Jasons
What’s it best for? Steak or lamb dishes
How much does it cost? $348

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Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon

The Coonawarra wine region in South Australia is renowned for iron-rich terra Rossa (red soils), and Cabernet Sauvignon grown on this soil has a special intensity to it. Wynn’s is the largest landowner there with access to the best fruit, so you’re going to want to stock up on its range ASAP. The Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the bestsellers, complete with persistent dark cherry fruit and fine tannins. Alternatively, The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon is the brand’s newest offering; expect notes of blackcurrant, mulberry and mint.

Where’s it from? Coonawarra, South Australia
Where can I buy it? PARKnSHOP
What’s it best for? Cheese and red meat dishes
How much does it cost? $199

10 / 10

Muga Rioja Reserva 2016

Muga is a stalwart bodega (house) in Rioja, and the Reserva Rioja is its entry-level wine. Packed with dark jammy cherries and plums, the wine is aged in oak for 24 months so you can expect a fusion of complex flavours. The fruity notes are mingled with dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

Where’s it from? Rioja, Spain
Where can I buy it? Market Place by Jasons
What’s it best for? Pork and beef dishes
How much does it cost? $298

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