17 June, 2010

Daddy Dearest – Gifts for Father’s Day

17 June, 2010

Let’s face it, whether you are a certified Daddy’s Girl or not buying a gift for Father’s Day is so tough. I honestly feel as if I struggle every time and usually end up with some sort of apparel that he can wear on the golf course. I recently found out that for some of my friends Father’s Day is not a tradition in their countries so as much as I love my Dad I am kind of jealous that they have one less holiday to stress about finding the perfect gift. If you don’t get a free pass like they do and your Dad is expecting something this coming Sunday then here are a few suggestions that will surely make your Dad smile on Sunday.

Grilltech BBQ for the Dad who loves to Cook: If your Dad is usually found slaving over the grill at family parties then get him a Grilltech BBQ so he can grill in style. The G-BBQ grills are the only BBQ’s that can be described as Cool, Minimalist and Chic and there are three styles to chose from. This present requires a bit more of a commitment from your Piggy Bank ($5,900-$15,500) but it is sure to be a hit with Dad. Available from Direct Designs. 13 Western Street, Sheung Wan, 2522 0880 – by appointment only.

For the sophisticated Dad with a Sweet tooth: Chocolate is not just for girls – Dad love it too especially when it is paired with very manly things like whiskey and cigars. Bring your Dad to Vero Lounge for the Gelnmorangie Whiskey & Chocolate Paring Set and you will also receive 20% off your Sake and Cigar Purchase. Vero is also offering Champagne and Chocolate gift sets for Dad at a price of $620 to go with the 6/20 date of Father’s Day. For more information on the gift packages available contact Vero at 2559 5882.

For the Meat Eater Dad: You can never go wrong with treating Daddy to a nice Steak Dinner. If your Dad craves steak on a regular basis then head to Morton’s this Sunday for a very special Father’s Day dinner. The Father’s Day dinner is priced at $688 +10% per person and includes three courses. If the view of the HK Skyline is not that impressive to Dad anymore then jet off to Macau and enjoy the same special deal at the Morton’s in Macau! To make Reservations call 2732 2343.

For the couch potato Dad: A box set of DVD’s is a great gift for anyone who has to quickly ship a gift to their Dad overseas. I got my Dad a couple of season’s of Mad Men for his birthday last year and it was a huge hit and the DVD’s are now rotating their way through the rest of my family. Mad Men is a good gift for Dad because it brings him back to his younger days and your Mom won’t mind watching the handsome Don Draper either!

For the trendy Dad: For some drinking scotch out of a traditional glass is so too classic for their own personal style. If you Dad likes to add a bit of flair to everything he does then get him the Shanghai Tang “Dragon” whiskey glass. His night caps will never look better! Approx. $1,200.

If all else fails and you are still at a loss, just remember to call him on Sunday! They always say it is the thought that counts right? I don’t know about you but I know my Dad will never buy that line – he always wants to know where his present is!

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