22 January, 2010
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Culinary First Aid!

22 January, 2010


For Christmas  this year my fashionista, socialista 7 year old niece Parker Belle gave me the brilliant book; 211 Things A Cleverl Girl Can Do by Bunty Cutler.  This cheeky little handbook is loaded with insightful and sophisticated tips for the oddest of situations to everyday life all while maintaining a lady like demeanor. With step by step directions for issues like “How to descend a staircase in high heels” to “How to build a pioneer log cabin”, this book covers all the bases. 

Browsing through the book I stumbled upon a very useful passage titled “How to Rescue a Meal That’s Gone Wrong.”  Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the talent to cook.  In fact, my chef skills are limited to microwaving and reheating.  Hence this rescuing a meal thing is right up my alley.  According to Ms. Bunty Cutler every girl should know to a bit of culinary first aid.  These are  a few of her tips:

Too Lumpy: If you’re making a gravy or sauce that is too lumpy, simply pour it through a strainer.

Too Salty:  Add more water

Burnt: If you’re using a saucepan, immediately remove the top layer as this is usually last to get burnt.

Too Spicy: Add a bit of vodka or whole milk to dilute the spiciness.

For complete directions and tips you can find this passage in Chapter 3 Life of the Party.

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