Buy Our Honeymoon

If you’re the couple that already has everything or zen enough not to worry about material things, why not ask your guests to pitch in for the trip of a lifetime? Buy Our Honeymoon’s award winning online service has been the talk of the wedding industry and allows you to create beautiful customised wedding registries for your guests to peruse. The awesome thing is if you don’t know where to begin or need some honeymoon inspiration, Buy Our Honeymoon’s hundreds of sample registries should do the trick but they also have a unique Helping Hand option to suggest things you may have forgotten about or may want to do along the way. The great thing is that you have complete freedom over how you go about organising your honeymoon as well- there’s no need to tie yourself down to flight companies and hotels forced on you. Guests will be able to choose how they want to pay as well, whether they transfer the money directly into your bank account or via secure providers like Stripe and Paypal. You’ll be able to try their great services for a free one week trial before deciding if you want to commit to the slightly steep price tag, but with a number of thoughtful details like displaying prices in multiple currencies and the choice to keep the registry open for as long as you want really leave this wedding registry a cut above the rest.

The first week trial is free and the service costs $64 after that.

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