Christmas 2018: Your Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide

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ViA Beauty Gemstone Water Bottle from VitaJuwel

Turn a regular morning into a spiritual experience with this transparent bottle, which houses hand-picked, semi-precious gemstones. Inspired by the traditions of ancient Greek crystal healing, VitaJuwel makes drinking your daily recommended eight glasses of water that bit more magical. Each gemstone transfers its unique energy into the liquid and is said to calm and soothe the mind. We can’t wait to show this off in the office.

ViA Beauty Bottle, available online or in-store from Lane Crawford (which has various locations across Hong Kong) for $940

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The Matcha Warrior from MyMaha

Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up in the morning? Our go-to boost is The Matcha Warrior. It’s an organic green tea powder, grown in the fields of Nishio, Japan. Legend has it that Samurai warriors and Buddhist monks used it because of its high antioxidant profile (which is 137 times that of regular green tea). There are no additives, chemical flavourings or fillers. It’s made of 100% stoneground Japanese organic tea leaves which help boost your concentration and metabolism, as well as detoxing. If you want some added extras, go for the Matcha Ritual Set. It includes everything you need to hold your own Japanese tea ceremony in a gold-stamped box.

Sassy tip: Mix half a teaspoon of the powder into hot water and stir to feel centred. For something special, mix into hot frothy almond milk for a heavenly matcha latte.

The Matcha Warrior, available online for $164.92
The Matcha Ritual Set, available online for $904.24

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The Five Minute Journal from Intelligent Change

Every page of this journal is filled with inspiring quotes and weekly challenges, designed to help us become more mindful and live with intention. We love the easy-to-use format with includes sections for us to write about what we are grateful for, and what would make our day great. Keep by the side of your bed for easy scribbling and to ensure you start and end each day with a positive thought.

The Five Minute Journal, available online for $179.61

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Sunrise Light Simulation Alarm Clock from Globetrotter Health & Fitness

The best way to fall asleep and wake up is with the natural rhythm of the sun rising and falling (not so easy when winter sets in and the days get shorter). We love how this bedside alarm clock fills the room with gradually increasing light, which is scientifically proven to wake you up in a better mood and with higher energy levels. You can even choose to add the sound of tweeting birds or crashing waves to lull you into consciousness. Check out the reverse, sunset setting to send you off into the land of nod.

Sunrise Light Simulation Alarm Clock, available online for $430

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Guided Meditation Subscription from Headspace

Thousands of studies have shown that meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows mindfulness works. The Headspace App makes it easy with short, guided, clearly explained and relevant meditations. You can tune in whenever you want, wherever you are, for just a few minutes a day. Some of our favourite topics include – falling asleep and waking up, work and productivity, and personal growth. If you feel like getting outside and stretching your legs, there are also new guided runs to try. So what’s stopping you?

Headspace, available online (price depends on package chosen)

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Thirst by Scott Harrison

We always love a good book to curl up with at Christmas, especially one with a message. This book highlights the importance of bringing clean water into the world. More specifically into the lives of women whose role is often to collect water for their families, rather than attending school or making a living. 100% of the author’s net proceeds from sales will go to fund “Charity: Water” and its projects around the world. Written by Scott Harrison, a club promoter, turned volunteer photojournalist, who is the founder and CEO of Charity: Water (the largest water-focused non-profit in the US).

Thirst, available online for $197.98

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