9 September, 2013

Canary Nail – go-to gel nails in Central

9 September, 2013
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We’re always on the lookout for cute new mani places, so when an email from Canary Nail popped into our inbox, we knew we had to give them a try! We sent our blogger Jamie to be our nail guinea pig and let us know the official Sassy verdict…

I walked into Canary Nail to soothing modern jazz music and a lush vibe. Purple velvet armchairs with pink pillows lend the room a distinctively plush atmosphere, and since the space is half fashion boutique, half nail-salon, it feels extra feminine. Canary’s owner, Satomi, immediately ushered me into a manicure chair to discuss what I should do with my nails while offering me a choice of tea (I went for Jasmine!).

Satomi came to Hong Kong a year ago while working for a bank, but wanted to start her own enterprise showcasing her passion for nails. She acquired the chic Canary fashion boutique in 2012, converting half of it into a nail salon, and business is booming!

Satomi is originally from Japan, but lived and worked in London, which influences her nail aesthetic; Canary offers plenty of “Japanese” mani designs, which are typically quite intricate and girly, as well as more conservative looks – French tips and regular manis are especially popular among business women who stop by after work or on lunch breaks, sometimes even taking calls during treatments! Most of Canary’s patterned nails are hand-painted by one of their artists and staff here speak English, Chinese, Japanese and even a little French, so there’s no need to worry about the language barrier.

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Since my nails are shorter, we decided to go for something simple, but I definitely wanted to try some nail art. Canary’s specialty is Soak-off Gel nails, but done with gorgeous patterns. Soft-gel like this is healthier for your nails than the hard gel, and Canary uses LED lamps to dry them rather than harsher UV lights. The effect is long lasting, like Shellac; to remove the gel, all you just need to do is come back for a soak. I settled on a simple work-appropriate pattern and the Canary team got started!

One of the most dreaded parts of manicures for me is the cuticle cutting. However, my manicurist attacked my nail beds with finesse, trimming down my cuticles without me even feeling her doing it – I looked away to chat to Satomi, looked back, and she had already done a few of them without me even noticing! After realising this, I totally trusted her and she continued to deliver, meticulously painting with small brushes, filing expertly and trimming comfortably. Her hand-painted pattern was effortless, but careful and detailed.

Satomi also mentioned that in terms of hygiene, her staff use the same disinfect as hospitals, Ultracare by Ultronics – and so another of my major manicure anxieties was instantly calmed!

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I left Canary feeling completely satisfied… and I have been getting compliments on my mani ever since! Trust me, I haven’t been easy on my nails – opening key rings, climbing junk boat ladders, riffling through purses, accidentally scraping them while chopping vegetables – but I don’t have a single chip. As a bonus, because we decided on patterned tips with a clear colour near my cuticles, you can’t even tell my mani is growing out!

Canary also offers treatments for men, whilst eventually Satomi hopes to expand the nail salon and offer other beauty treatments too. At only 2 minutes from Central MTR station, it’s ultra convenient for those who live and work in Central but honestly, it’s a great place for manis no matter your location… after all, who doesn’t love well-kept nails, right?!

For first-timers, Soak-Off Gel Nails cost $249 for a manicure (normally $450) or $369 for a pedicure (normally $620); see their full treatment and price list here

Canary Nail  11/F Wellington Place (M88), 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
2537 0338  www.canary.com.hk/…

Jamie writes about Hong Kong life on her blog jamielynnolson.wordpress.com

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