10 September, 2013
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LGN Fitness – we test a new workout programme in Hong Kong

10 September, 2013
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I spent the first few months of 2013 nursing a broken foot (read: sitting on the couch watching DVDs), so after months of inactivity, I jumped at the chance to try LGN Fitness, a new workout programme in Hong Kong.

I signed up for the 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Programme and on Day 1, met the programme’s founder, Adrian Li, for a rundown at his conveniently located Stanley Street gym in Central. I promised to follow his meal plan and attend 3-5 classes a week and in return, he promised that I’d see results! Adrian also added me to a Facebook group where my fellow programme participants and I could support each other for the next two weeks.


That night, I was back in the LGN Fitness studio for my first class – Rip Trainer. The Rip Trainer is essentially a stretchy cord with a bar at the end, which can be used to add resistance to different exercises (think squats and lunges). The class was circuit style, set to great music and, by the end of the hour, every muscle in my body was shaking! Adrian paid special attention to my still sore foot, and modified several of the exercises for my ability level.

Next, I tried an LGN Training class, which utilised different equipment like weights and resistance bands for an hour of interval circuit training, resulting in a great, varied workout. By Day 3, I was super sore – in a good way, of course! I chose the lunchtime Vipr Express class in an attempt to limit the pain on my tired muscles. I had tried Vipr classes at gyms in Hong Kong before and had never been impressed; however, at LGN, the intimate class size allowed Adrian to really focus on making sure each student was doing the exercises properly. In 30 short minutes, I was totally exhausted!

Towards the end of the week, the Facebook support group became a great motivator, as fellow participants posted encouragement to keep up the workouts. I finished off the week with an LGN Advanced training class, which was challenging for even the really fit-looking folk there. Class ended with a burpee challenge, which left everyone in the class breathless.

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During week two, I signed up for several of the morning outdoor bootcamp classes on Aberdeen Street on Central. Normally, I don’t function before several cups of coffee, but Adrian’s enthusiasm motivated me through the early morning circuits and hill runs!

Overall, LGN’s workouts were amazingly effective and efficient. With LGN’s flexible schedule and convenient locations, there was no excuse not to exercise and I liked that the class sizes were small, allowing Adrian to pay special attention to every student and modify exercises for injuries and ability levels. Adrian’s energetic personality had me looking forward to every workout, even early in the morning or after a long day of work.

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Before I started the programme, Adrian helped customise his three-meal-two-snacks-a-day plan for my (exceptionally!) picky eating habits. The plan was simple and consisted of mostly veggies, proteins and whole wheats. Breakfasts were fast to prepare, which made sticking to them effortless even for someone like me who struggles to get out of bed in the morning! Most of the lunches required a bit of prep and packing the night before, but the plan included some easy takeaway lunch options from spots around Central too. I cooked most of the dinners at home, and they weren’t too complex to be whipped up quickly in my shoebox size kitchen.

I was a bit worried about following a meal plan while trying to maintain a busy social calendar; however, Adrian happily suggested some healthy choices for a friend’s birthday at an Italian restaurant. His advice helped keep me on track, which allowed me to eat out with friends without feeling guilty (even after a few bites of cake).

Overall, LGN’s meal plan was easy to stick with and I never felt hungry. Knowing that Adrian would be holding me accountable actually gave me the discipline to kick my serious afternoon chocolate habit and I’ll definitely keep following some of his meal and snack suggestions in the future.

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In combination with the meal plain, I felt strong and healthy at the end of the two weeks, which surprised me given that I’d done no physical activity in several months prior to staring the programme. If you’re looking for a quick jumpstart to your fitness and eating regime in a friendly environment, then give LGN Fitness a try. I liked it so much that I definitely plan on continuing with their classes!

LGN Fitness’ 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss programme costs $888 for classes, a 30-minute Personal Training session and a detailed nutrition plan. See their full class schedule here and for more information about their classes and programmes, email info@LGN-fitness.com.

LGN Fitness’ new 6-week programme Friends With Benefits runs from 16 September until 27 October 2013, including indoor and outdoor training sessions, a customised nutrition plan, a consultation and facial at Flawless and a graduation gift upon finishing the programme. It costs $699 per week or $599 if two or more friends sign up together.

LGN Fitness  Optimum Performance Studio, 2/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
6683 2632  www.lgn-fitness.com


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