6 October, 2015
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Sassy Supports: Box of Hope

6 October, 2015

This year has gone by scarily fast. And with the end fast approaching, the holiday season has well and truly arrived. Soon we’ll all be out on the streets scouting for the perfect presents for family and friends… But in the true season of the holidays, why not put aside your hunt for the funniest Secret Santa gift and spread a little warmth and happiness by making a Box of Hope?

Box of Hope 1

What is Box of Hope?

Box of Hope is an annual charity project that aims at providing underprivileged children in Asia with boxes of useful and educational gifts. This project began in 2008 when two mamas wanted to teach their children about the beauty of giving. In their first year they collected 1,200 boxes, and every year since then they were able to collect even more boxes and reach more children. With their continued efforts and support from Hong Kong families, last year Box of Hope collected 21,000 boxes. That’s 21,000 more happy children! This year, you too can get involved and help bring a smile to these children.

Join their initiative and help people learn about different communities and the importance of helping others. Put down the mulled wine, because this is what it’s all about!

Box of Hope 2

How to Make a Box of Hope

1. Scavenge for an empty medium-sized shoe box (around 18 x 30 x 13cm). Find some nice wrapping paper and wrap away! Don’t forget to wrap the lid and body separately, this is so that the team can make sure everything inside the box will make it through customs.

2. Decide what to pack into the box. Everything does have to be new. If you need some inspiration, Box of Hope has put together a guide on what you could pack. Or head down to the closest stationary store or Japan Homes, they’re sure to have a hefty selection of things to choose from.

Box of Hope 3

3. Print out this label, fill it out and leave a lovely message for the recipient.

4. Take your finished Box, and drop it off at any of the numerous collection points between Monday, 2 November – Friday, 6 November. And rest assured, the volunteers will get your box to the children.

5. Give yourself a pat on the back and be glad that you’ve just made a child’s Christmas all the more merrier!

Box of Hope 4

Box of Hope is also running their Box Design Competition. If you’re into DIY (“just call me Ms. Pinterest…”) 0r you’ve got a creative side you want to let loose, be sure to sign up for this as well. The winners from this competition will be able to personally hand out Boxes of Hope to children in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for other ways to get more involved and have some time to spare, Box of Hope welcomes more volunteers here. On the other hand if you have less time, you could help by donating cash here. Look out for the ‘no time to make a box’ subsection!

Featured images via www.facebook.com/Box-of-Hope-124163254303916

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