10 August, 2016
jo malone basil and neroli
jo malone basil and neroli
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5 Beauty Tips from Jo Malone London’s Global Lifestyle Director, Debbie Wild

10 August, 2016
jo malone basil and neroli

Jo Malone London holds the secret to smelling sweet this summer


Naturally, we love a good spritz. Most people have their own signature scent, a favourite perfume that they’ve been using for years. But in the height of summer, floral notes and sexy musk practically drip off our skin within minutes of applying – so we decided to seek expert help straight from the connoisseur of fragrance herself. Debbie Wild, Global Lifestyle Director at one of our most coveted beauty brands, Jo Malone London, shares her top tips for battling the Hong Kong heat and smelling sweet all summer long

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portrait black and white debbie wild

We were lucky enough to the attend the launch of Jo Malone London’s newest and most sophisticated collection, Basil & Neroli (available from September!). We caught up with Debbie herself for the inside scoop on blending perfumes to create the perfect individual scent and how to  keep a long-lasting fresh fragrance. And obviously, we couldn’t keep these golden nuggets to ourselves, so here are five of Debbie’s beauty tips and tricks that you can try for yourself:

bottles of jo malones new fragrance basil and neroli

1.  Mix and match your most loved scents to create a unique one that works for you and your surroundings.

Living in somewhere like Hong Kong where it’s summer for majority of the year, your skin acidity can change so it’s really important to test a fragrance on your skin first. Try mixing fresh, floral and clean scents, as they’re lighter on the skin, with something spicy. Experience and discover what works best for you. Jo Malone London is all about the journey, so you can head into one of their stores and really mix and match and challenge your sense of smell and create something new and exciting. Try matching Red Roses with Nutmeg and Ginger or Wood Sage and Sea Salt with Wild Bluebell for a fresh cotton aroma and undertones of the ocean – perfect for a hot and sticky climate.

jo malone body creme

2.  Use different types of fragrance products that will last.

Whether you’re on a date, heading to the beach or even off on a good ol’ junk, you want to smell and feel great amidst the hot weather and sweltering sun. Scent should be a part of your wardrobe, and although fragrance can fade quickly in a hot country, branch out and experiment with different types of perfume. Try using fragrance in a cream form or a dry body oil as it sticks to your skin and makes you smell better as the day goes on! Use a light and silky Shea butter based creme like English Pear and Freesia . The warmth of your body can be used to your advantage, as the fragrance sinks in to your skin and absorbs the high-quality ingriedients.

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jo malone candle

3.  Turn your home into a sanctuary!

Damp clothes and the hellish humidity is the bane of our lives (sigh), but we can’t help living in such a tropical climate, so try bringing a little something into your small Hong Kong apartment that’ll instantly relax you as your step through the door. Such a simple addition like a long-lasting candle or a great room spray that’s filled with memory evoking scents can make a huge difference when unwinding after a long, busy day at work. Change the mood by changing the candle or spraying your bed sheets at night. Try a scent like Green Tomato Leaf that you can breathe in and be reminded of home, or bring the outdoors inside with Wild Blue Bell. Fragrance and beauty isn’t always limited to what’s on your skin!

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4.  With that in mind… spritz your hair!

Apply a mist of fragrance to your roots and even the ends of your hair so those around you catch a whiff as you walk past. No need to go over board, but a light layer will certainly catch someone’s attention! Try Jo Malone London’s newest fragrance Basil and Neroli that’s both fun and lively but sophisticated and quintessentially British. A perfect transitional perfume to play around with as we roll into September and our fashion trends begin to change.

5. Really layer your scent.

Wash your hair with it, step out of the shower and treat yourself to a luxurious body lotion or oil. Spray your perfume onto your skin as soon as you’ve towel dried and really pat the scent onto your wrists and your neck. Discover a combination that you truly love and pamper yourself in memories.

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