26 January, 2016

5 Tips from MAC make-up pro, Romero Jennings!

26 January, 2016

Beauty Secrets from the Director of Make-Up Artistry at MAC Cosmetics


Skin feeling grim? Not got the ‘glow’ you’re looking for? Fear not, as we’re here to give you some seriously pro make-up tips that will make you feel fresh and oh-so pretty this January… all with a little help from the Director of Make-up Artistry at one of our all-time fave make-up brands – MAC!


We were lucky to catch Romero Jennings at a MAC Technique make-up workshop, where he gave us a tutorial on how to create some of the hottest make-up trend looks for Spring Summer 2016. Charming and creative, Romero made it look so easy and effortless as he tapped, dusted and blended away on one lucky model, sharing secret tips and tricks that all the make-up experts use backstage at fashion shows. We thought we would share the love with Sassy readers and give you five of Romero’s make-up tips that you can try out this month:


1. This Spring Summer, it’s all about the little details. The look that all the runways want is ‘barely-there, I-just-woke-up-like-this’, with a bright, bold lip. Start off with highlighter in all the regular places to make skin look fresh and healthy – along the top of the cheekbones and down the nose (Romero uses Pearl and Luna Cream Colour Base). A new area to try out highlighter is just above your eyebrows on your forehead to really give them that pop – hello Cara Delevingne. This little addition will really make the high parts of your features stand out, contrasting with any contouring.


2. KITTEN PAWS. Wait… what?! Yes, Romero taught us a little trick that he likes to call ‘Kitten Paws’. Take two MAC brushes, dab a bright pink blush shade onto them, evenly dispensing the powder, then work the two brushes at the same time over the cheeks, patting and tapping away so that they look like adorable kitten paws. Sounds kind of silly, but it makes the distribution of the powder much more even and natural looking. And it’s cute.

3. Bye bye swirly whirly! When using brushes on the skin, you might be tempting to swoop powder all over in big swirls – but that ain’t how the pros do it! Try ‘tapping’ your brush instead – it causes less damage to the skin, keeping it looking fuller and healthier.


4. Mwah! A bold, matte pink lip is in this season, but if you’re worried about drying out your smackers in this cold weather with a matte lipstick, make sure you snap up one of MAC’s new Retro Matte liquid lip colours. The innovative formula still gives you that cool, matte look, but doesn’t tighten up dry lips. It acts like a rubber band, expanding with your lips so they keep full and soft. Romero also talked about ‘cheating’ on the lips and evening up the shape – so if you have a fuller bottom lip than upper lip, go ahead and fill them in a tiny bit more on the top outside of the natural line… you’ll never be able to tell with the Retro Matter on!


5. Lashings of lashes, and dashes for eyeliner. If there’s on make-up product that Romero recommends you carry at all times, it’s a black mascara. Why? “It just makes you look instantly more awake!” – along with a cup of coffee of course. A tip for Asian eyelashes – use the Extended Play Lash mascara first, then apply a layer of the ‘Haute & Naughty’ mascara to really extend the lashes and make them look super full. As for eyeliner – use it on the top lid but apply in dashes rather than a line for a much more subtle effect… it should almost look like you’re not wearing any eyeliner, and just emphasise your lovely lashes.

Lauren and Lexi with Romero!


Here’s a list of the products Romero used if you want to nail this fresh look and use the same products at this pro:


  • Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation – $360
  • Pro Longwear Blush -$215


  • Paint Pot – $200
  • Extended Play Lash Mascara – $170


  • Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour -$195
  • LIP PENCIL – $155

So there you have it – some top make-up tips straight from the pro himself. We hope he comes back soon so we can score a few more beauty tricks. Thanks Romero!

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