12 December, 2016
mobile beauty services
mobile beauty services

Sponge: Mobile Beauty Service for Hong Kong’s Lively Ladies

12 December, 2016
mobile beauty services

Mobile Makeup


At this time of the year, our calendars are filling up with festive invitations faster than you can say “Father Christmas”. We’ve got it all going on: from office parties, to seasonal socials and family obligations. Oh, and we also have to hold down those day jobs to fund these frolics! Ladies – it’s a lot – I hear you. With so much to think about, Diane Younes and her Sponge team have popped up at the perfect time to launch the city’s slickest at-home hair and makeup service, to help us look and feel fabulous for any occasion.

woman having her hair and makeup done

Diane herself is the most impressive advert for Sponge, as she arrived to our meeting with meticulous makeup and her hair in a chic chignon. Her drive and determination is infectious and her personal connection to the brand is evident in every element of Sponge. She is the epitome of a #girlboss – after leaving behind her corporate number in New York to move to HK – where she discovered that we were missing the effective, efficient and economical beauty services synonymous with NYC. Cue some serious hustle and the birth of Sponge, which offers women an extensive range of hair and makeup looks in your home, office or, anywhere that is convenient for you; all you need is a flat surface and a plug – genius!

makeup artist applying eyeshadow

The whole process is a pleasure; start by choosing your desired look from the website and locking in your preferred appointment slot. I decided to go for ‘The Weekender’ hair which promised cool waves and an undone look and ‘The Influencer’ makeup: a smoky eye, contoured cheek bones and a neutral lip. I was clearly going for Gisele vibes and, while I unfortunately did not transform into an Amazonian Goddess (sob), I did feel super swish and pampered after my session!

stylist using hair spray

The only thing I was slightly apprehensive about was inviting people into my home to complete this service. Undergoing beauty treatments can be a personal and intimate experience – especially in a HK sized apartment – so you really need to have the right personalities to make sure it doesn’t get awkward. Don’t sweat it though, Diane is a step ahead and has assembled a Sponge squad who are talented, warm and friendly; a joy to welcome into your private space. I was lucky enough to have two ladies who were pleasant but professional, punctual and prompt – everything took just under an hour and we even had time for a sign along to Britney’s greatest hits. Yep, those girls rocked!

woman with her hair done

I was really pleased with my finished looks and so impressed by the ease and affordability of the service. Everything at Sponge is customisable and after chatting with my stylists, I was able to create an individual look that I was fully satisfied with – all while lounging in my living room. This is definitely something I can see myself getting hooked on so, I may need to ask Santa for some Sponge vouchers in my stocking this year!


Appointments can be booked anything from two hours to one month in advance, with prices from $330 to $440 for hair and $440 to $550 for makeup. Eyelash extensions are also available and you can enjoy a $50 discount off your first appointment when you enter the promotion code “FIRST50” at checkout. Happy pampering and here’s to a new way of doing beauty in HK!


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