3 June, 2016
treatment room at luxus beauty
treatment room at luxus beauty

Shine Brighter than Gold with Luxus Beauty

3 June, 2016
treatment room at luxus beauty

A Hidden Oasis in the Heart of Central Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s summer is in full force. The rays are now beating down on us day in and day out, and it’s beginning to take a toll on my skin. Admittedly, I’m not the best at keeping up a beauty regime or one for religiously applying SPF-infused moisturiser, but it’s something I definitely want to get better at and I needed a foundation to start with in order to re-set my skin. So how could I say no to a little luxury and pampering? Luckily, I had the chance to try out Luxus Beauty‘s new Shining Gold Facial, and I couldn’t wait to indulge…

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the seating area at luxus beauty spa

The Spa

Residing in the heart of Central, this cute, boutique spa is set firmly away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life below. After wandering the streets on a particularly humid day, I welcomed the serene spa with open (albeit slightly sweaty) arms. Handed a cool glass of water, I was greeted by my senior therapist who led me into the small yet cosy and comfortable treatment room for my initial consultation.

Before starting the treatment, we sat down and had a brief chat about the different products she would be using, the expert process of the new Shining Gold Facial, what I could expect from the results and if there were any particular troublesome areas (yespores – I’m talking to you). Our friendly chat was a nice little touch that helped to ease my mind, as the extraction process in particular (although extremely satisfying) can be quite nerve-wracking.

a flatlay of treatment products used for the gold shining facial

The Treatment

Tucked in and snuggled amongst soft towels, my makeup (now dripping halfway down my face) was gently removed, my face prepped and ready to soak up the good stuff! The 75-minute facial uses eight different products, each with a unique nourishing property that promises fantastic results. And with Luxus Beauty dedicated to using award-winning products, working with brands like HORMETA which guarantee the best ingredients with a certified seal of approval, I was really excited to reap the benefits.


Hormeta re generation cream with gold

With a focus on the HORMETA Gold Range, these high-quality, luxurious products were gently applied in a series of steps set to soften and refresh. The Gold Shining Mask in particular aims to brighten and smooth the skin, enhancing its natural moisture. The gold products all contain trace elements like magnesium, copper, zinc and iron that activate when applied, penetrating our skin cells all while reducing signs of fatigue and brightening our complexion – the perfect combo for someone like myself, who’s skin is somewhat sensitive and often exposed to the harsh heat.

The products tingled slightly, but overall the treatment was extremely relaxing and the dreaded extraction process was occasionally uncomfortable but relatively pain-free. The therapist’s expert touch ensured that all products were applied evenly across my face, with the perfect pressure and technique that quickly sent me to sleep.

The Results

I woke just as the last step was being applied, a layer of light moisturiser containing SPF 50, and as I opened my eyes I felt more rested and relaxed than I had done in days. This quick mid-week pick me up not only worked wonders for resetting my state of mind for the day, but my skin immediately felt refreshed and much clearer. I opted to go makeup-free for the rest of the day and I’m glad, as I continued to see the benefits of the facial as the day progressed. My skin, aside from smelling great, felt bouncier, rejuvenated, and thoroughly spoilt after being drenched in ‘gold’. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a reasonably priced, luxurious facial, I’d highly recommend the treatment at Luxus Beauty. The spa is easy to get to and the products used are without a doubt both of professional and of super-high quality, ensuring that the results will last.

A 75-minute HORMETA Gold Shining Facial Treatment costs $1,480. Book your appointment by calling 2868 9202 or by sending any email to [email protected]Find out more about the treatments on offer at Luxus Beauty here.

Luxus Beauty, 17/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.luxusbeauty.com.hk

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