LUSH Spa Soho Square: The Cutest Spa in Hong Kong?

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Lauren - "The Comforter"

Last year I tried out the LUSH Spa in Tokyo and I absolutely loved it (read all about my experience here). I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of LUSH Soho Square, and I couldn’t wait to try out the spa. Stretching over three floors, the Hong Kong LUSH Spa is far bigger than the cute little place I tried in Tokyo, but still has the same homely, British country style. I opted for “The Comforter”, a 60-minute full body treatment that includes a hot chocolate exfoliating body scrub and a massage using a rose-scented massage bar ($1,350).


I couldn’t take the smile off my face when I saw the treatment room lit up with a dreamy pink glow. There were also moving stars and a galaxy projected on to the ceiling (I couldn’t stop staring at it until I fell asleep during the incredibly relaxing massage), as well as a cloud of bubbles drifting over my head during one part of the treatment. The Comforter, as the name suggests, is all about feeling comfortable, and the warm treatment bed along with the soft, joyful music and smell of rose and chocolate definitely made me feel cosy.


The scrub made my skin feel silky smooth and the massage pressure was absolutely perfect, easing my muscles and making me feel truly rested. If you’re looking for a fun, sweet treatment that will have you lookin’ on the bright side of life after, this is a must-try!

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Kat - "Hard Day's Night"

Growing up, I have fond memories of my family and I belting out to the tunes of my dad’s beloved Beatles during every car ride. When I found out that Lush Spa had a treatment especially dedicated to my favourite Liverpool boys, I knew I had to check it out. The “Hard Day’s Night” treatment involved a lot of passive stretching where the therapist would manoeuvre my limbs into all sorts of positions to help ease any aches or sore muscles.


The room carried the theme of a homey English countryside cottage, but my eyes were immediately lifted to the ceiling as the words “Let It Be” were projected right above the massage table. An amazing reworked soundtrack of The Beatles’ classic songs, performed by the talented in-house “Fresh Handmade Collectives Band”, accompanied each pressure point and every stretch moved to the rhythm of each song. I was lulled into a deep sleep and at the end of the 75-minute treatment, I was softly awoken to the therapist telling me to meditate on the words “Let It Be”, bringing the treatment back full circle. After changing, I was welcomed with a cup of warm tea and biscuits.


I never would’ve imagined something so wonderful like this tucked away on the busy Lyndhurst Terrace. But I will make it a point to return to this oasis and allow myself to slip away to the English countryside once more…


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Lexi - "The Good Hour"

I’ve never been an overly ‘girly’ girl. Despite being bought dolls for Christmas, I would opt to spend hours playing with my brothers’ castle and knight set, dragging their floatable pirate ship around the pool, my Barbie Dream Boat remaining pristine in the box. So when I heard that LUSH had opened their themed spa in Central, I couldn’t wait to try out ‘The Good Hour’ treatment. I was instantly sold by the prospect of being pampered in a space made to feel like you’re adrift on a ship, accompanied by a selection of specially composed sea shanties.


Walking into the treatment room I was immediately met with the sounds of seagulls and the smell of the ocean. A ‘Big Blue’ bath bomb fizzed underneath the massage table, and white ‘smoke’ flooded the floor. This, together with a welcomed sense of calm, created the illusion that I was floating out to sea. I lay back and let my mind wander as my therapist started on the 70-minute deep-tissue, full body massage. She expertly targeted areas carrying the most stress, applying pressure to knots and using a special cooling gel to remove the tension in my back – each movement was carefully designed to mimic the natural flow of the ocean’s waves.


As the last sea shanty faded out, I was brought back to reality once again by the sounds of rolling waves and chirping birds, sadly signally that the massage had come to an end. Feeling relaxed and noticeably less tense, I was treated to a captain’s favourite tipple: a little dropper of ship rum, tea and biscuits served in a barrel.


If you’re keen try something different to your run-of-the-mill spa massage, I couldn’t recommend the treatment more highly. I personally never would have guessed that I was in for such a sensory experience at LUSH and truly had a ‘Good Hour’, if not the best.

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