19 April, 2016

A Hairdresser with a Difference: DAZ Hair Gives Us a Salon Makeover!

19 April, 2016

Switch up your look for Spring at DAZ Hair with Living Proof Products


The Sassy Team stopped by DAZ Hair in Central to see how well this trendy salon could cut and colour our wild manes. After a long, rainy winter we were ready to give our tresses a fresh new look, just in time for Spring. This conveniently located, cool salon also stocks the much coveted Living Proof Products – Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line. Check out our transformations below and our experience with these products!

Check out the our recent interview with Jennifer Aniston here to find out more about Living Proof products!



For someone who claims to be adventurous, I’ve stuck to a simple, staple look my whole life. My hair had never been dyed, and the length remained just past my shoulders since I was about 6 years old: the definition of a hair rut. So when I decided I wanted to donate hair, I grew it out as long as I could (split ends were not my friend). Though I was initially anxious about chopping off 30cm/12 inches (an entire foot ruler!), the staff at DAZ Hair were accommodating and made the whole process fun. The stylist worked with my curls to keep the front longer, whilst still getting as much length to contribute towards a wig from the rest. If you’re thinking about donating hair to a charity, I would definitely recommend doing it.

It’s great that something replaceable to you can become valuable to someone else – plus, you might just love the look! Before my cut, I used my curls as an excuse not to style it, comfortable knowing that messy ringlets would relive Hong Kong’s painful humidity, and smoother waves would keep me warm through winters. It was safe, yes, but it was barely a “style”. Thanks to the cut, and the gorgeous Living Proof products (Jennifer Aniston is right, the No Frizz line is a dream), my hair has never looked healthier! Chopping it off was the perfect thing to reinforce my favourite part about my hair: it grows back…


Normally I’m unadventurous with my hair – the most “out there” thing I’ve done was getting subtle brown highlights three years ago. So when I thought makeover, I knew I had to do something a little bit more exciting – regular layering just wasn’t going to cut it! There were only two things I was set against: no cutting of the length (I juuuust cut my hair short in August last year and have been growing it out desperately since) and no bleach. I had an inkling that I wanted to go red somehow but retain the black, so I was thinking ombre and communicated that to Chiga. She carefully selected a vibrant red and chocolate brown and went to town on my hair. After an hour looking like an alien, a couple of snips and a trusty blowout later, I had beautiful black to red ombre (with no bleach!) and I loved it. I was so impressed with how Chiga took the idea in my head and made it into a reality, and now I can truly say redheads do in fact have more fun!


For the past several years, I had stuck with a blonde ombre look, but I was definitely ready for a change and a new ‘do. My thoughts were to head over to the dark side and my DAZ stylist was up for the task. Instead of going all dark though, he suggested adding honey blonde strands throughout to add contrast when it moved and was styled. Even though the colouring process took a long time, the studio itself was great and provided snacks with plenty of reading materials. Let’s not forget about that head massage! Besides my new look, that had to be my favourite part. When all was said and done, I was left with a fabulous new look that really suited me!


Going to the hair stylist always brings me so much anxiety. What if they cut it too short? What if the colour comes out too brassy? What if I hate it?! My current style was in a state where a much needed update was required. The length was weighing me down and giving me sweaty neck (TMI?!) whenever I left it down. I have pretty thick hair and it takes a really good stylist to cut it in a way that doesn’t give me Farrah Fawcett layers (looks great on many, but doesn’t do it for me). My wonderful stylist, Nikki from DAZ, understood that I wanted to go for shoulder length hair minus the layers and something I didn’t have to spend too much time on each day (I mean, I have two littles to run around and wrangle – the last thing I need is to tame my mane as well).

I also wanted to go a bit lighter with my colour and balayage while having it blend in seamlessly. I’m pleased to say that Nikki did all that and more! The cut and colour was exactly what I was looking for and having several inches chopped off left me feeling so fresh. I’m loving the fact that the Living Proof Restore shampoo and conditioner has helped maintain my colour which is usually the first thing to go after any visit to the salon. And the Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray has also been one of the first hairsprays to keep those baby hairs in check that doesn’t leave a crispy residue. I definitely left with a bounce in my step and was hair flipping my way all down LKF.


I was due for a trim to my already lob-length hair, so when the opportunity arose for a hair makeover at DAZ Hair, I jumped at the chance. The space has a super cool vintage vibe, as if you’re in a modern, cleaner barber shop. As I sat down in the chair, I had a look like this in mind, beach waves to suit my already-wavy long bob. Alas, the “wavy” I envisioned basically had to be shaped as my hair is actually “curly” even though I don’t like to admit it. My heavy, thick, frizz-prone hair also has zero volume at the roots. So David, one of the talented stylists at the salon with decades of experience, layered it up and put some shape into it… which meant going even shorter than I expected. Aside from the re-shaping, David touched up my belayage colour from months ago and warmed up my harsh jet black locks. You can hardly tell there’s any colour in my hair, but that was the whole point, for it to look natural.

I went away with Living Proof No Frizz shampoo and conditioner, which after a few weeks of use through the beginning of rainy season, has significantly reduced the frizz in my mane. I’ve also been using the Perfecthair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment before I blowdry, which has definitely kept my hair cleaner as I’ve hardly used the dry shampoo. The products from this brand are the stuff of miracles.


As much as I love a good hair-makeover, sometimes you’re actually happy with your hair but need a uplift! Maggie from DAZ Hair was perfect at listening to what I had in mind and she gave it a fun shape for Spring that still allowed plenty of bounce. She also suggested the Olaplex treatment which helped to strengthen my hair and provide more definition. The look definitely has me ready for the next adventure!


I’m always up for changing my hair and have never been too worried about going for the chop! That being said, I was finally growing out my shorter locks and was keen to keep the length for summer. I did want to change it up a bit though and give my hair more texture and shape, which my stylist Janine totally took on board. She added in various layers and a slight fringe to give me a more versatile look that could be easily styled in a number of different ways. Although I didn’t want to add any colour, I was surprised when Darrin and Janine decided to add in a few bright, cherry red highlights that would give a bit of  ‘fire’ and excitement to my look. At first it took me some time to get used to the new colour, but it’s definitely been fun to shake things up and try something different! As someone who doesn’t spend very long on ‘hair’ in general, I was happy to also walk away with Living Proof’s dry shampoo, which I’ve used countless times since as a quick fix. Perfect for adding some movement and texture when your hair is feeling lacklustre and dull! It also actually feels like it cleans your hair, which is a huge plus in this humidity.


My hair was a mess. I knew it and well, yes – I sensed that Daz knew it too. I sat down and desperately pleaded with him to transform my murky orange barnet (the result of neglecting to maintain my brunette do) back to my former blonde self. He admitted it wouldn’t be easy and laid all the ‘dangers’ of doing so right out on the table (possible hair damage, potentially a chicken feather yellow disaster etc..), but was totally up for the challenge – I appreciated his honesty and was happy for him to have free reign – anything would be an improvement.

With patchy blocks of different coloured browns dotted throughout my locks, he had to begin by bleaching as much of the remaining dye as possible without literally frying my hair. These were done with hundreds, and I mean hundreds of foils to separate as much of the brown as possible with lots of bleached blonde streaks. He took the time to go freestyle, adding in some balayage by hand to make my hair look as natural as possible in between all the bleaching – the time and care he took in doing so made a huge difference to the texture of my hair, and although I was in the chair for nearly four hours, several coffees (on both our parts) and a quick snip to even up my layers later and I can’t tell you enough how pleased I was with the result. What I initially thought to be mission impossible was made so and Daz successfully took me back to my blonde roots (you can stop crying now, mum).  The colour, as he said it would, has toned down after a few washes and I’m now a little less Malibu Barbie and a lot more… me. With Daz’s expertise and a helping hand from Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment, my tresses are on the mend and bouncing back to their former glory.

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DAZ Hair, 2/F Tung Chai Building, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, [email protected], tel: 2956 3668, www.dazhk.com

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