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DYSON Super Sonic Hair Dryer

We’ve heard heaps about this supersonic styling tool, with online reviews claiming it to be ‘the best hair dryer they ever had,’ but is it really worth the hefty price tag?  Well, with its quietest and fastest motor yet, paired with technology that’s proven to reduce hair damage – we’d say it it might just be. Perhaps you and your flatmate could go halves?

Available for $3,380 from Lane Crawford and Fortress stores across Hong Kong 

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Crystal Gemstone Facial Massage Roller Wand

The beauty world has been going crazy for gemstone rollers recently, and who knew that these cooling stones can actually reduce puffiness under your eyes and help to plump and firm up skin? Use the jade roller to ease tension around eyes and your temple or massage in oils and moisturise as part of your skincare regime.

Tip: These are tricky to find online in Hong Kong, however I did see these on Cat Street in Sheung Wan!

Available online for $234 from Julisa (AUD29 flat rate shipping via DHL Express including online tracking) 

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TEMPTU Makeup airbrush device

A flawless, airbrushed base every single time? Take our money!

The TEMPTU has three speeds that allows you to customise your level of coverage and focus on blemishes or areas which need an extra touch up. Simply pop in a foundation pod, hold the button and move in small, circular motions for seriously professional-looking results!

Available for $1,750 from

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FOREO Iris Eye Massager

Admittedly it does look a bit like a sex toy, but purchase the Iris Eye Massager and you’re on track for luminous, youthful-looking eyes. Featuring two different modes, the device prevents bacteria build-up and improves the absorption of skincare products to ultimately reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Available for $835 from Sephora HK

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Revolutionising the way we cleanse our skin, Clarisonic is the O.G beauty tech product. Raved about by experts in the industry, the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System gently and thoroughly removes impurities, leaving your skin fresh and clear of any build-up.

Available from Lane Crawford Canton Road and Times Square

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SKIN INC Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light

When a product is built upon technology from NASA, you know it’s worth the big bucks. Using a triage of red, yellow and blue LED lights, the Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light stimulates cells and boosts your skin’s absorption of active ingredients in your skincare products.

Available for $2,230 from Sephora HK

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On the more affordable side, the FOREO LUNA™ Play is a nifty little cleansing device that is both compact and powerful, removing dead skin cells and lifting away 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue. It also aids the absorption of skincare products to brighten your complexion (perfect after a heavy night!)

Available for $330 from Sephora HK

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