17 July, 2017

Microblading: What to Know on Your Journey to Perfect Brows

17 July, 2017

Going under the teeny tiny knife


Living in the 852: life is fast-paced, time is precious and waking up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and brow-perfect is not something I take for granted. Pencils, powders, pomades – whether you’ve tried it all and are still looking to up the ante, or simply just want to try something new, microblading might just be your “I woke up like this” browmazing solution.

If you’ve got next-to-no-hair, and quite literally need your eyebrows carved in, or just crave that extra oomph for lazy days (i.e. everyday), like me, here’s all you need to know about the latest cosmetic brow trend and my experience with talented brow-veteran Patrick Henri Havegheer.

The What:

So what exactly is this mystical microblading? It’s a cosmetic procedure used to give the illusion of fuller brows. Pigment is deposited using a handheld tool with teeny tiny blades that cut hair-like strokes into the upper layer of your skin (epidermis), making this almost pain-free and semi-permanent (unlike real tattoos which go deeper into the dermis). Depending on sun exposure and other factors, your new microbladed brows can last up to 1.5 years.

The Price:

This long-lasting procedure can set you back between approximately $1,000 to $6,000.

Patrick Henri offers his services at $4,800. Keep on reading to see how you can get yourself a sweet Sassy Perk!

The Process:

After my totally pressure-free consultation and allergy test, 24 hours later I was cleared for microblading and couldn’t be more excited. The procedure is pretty simple:*

  1. Clean and trim brows (if needed)
  2. Draw out your dream brow shape (and adjust ’til your heart’s content)
  3. Apply numbing cream and sit pretty for 30 minutes
  4. First round of microblading begins (yay!)
  5. Add pigment
  6. Second application of numbing cream (wait 5 minutes)
  7. Repeat processes four and five for more depth and fill
  8. Repeat processes four through seven on the other brow
  9. Apply aftercare product
  10. Have perfect brows for life (almost)

*Patrick the perfectionist insists on all his customers coming back for a second round touch-up procedure after a couple of weeks to make sure things are still looking fab.

micoblading process

The Time:

While total time takes about 1.5 hours, the procedure itself was 7 to 10 minutes per eyebrow. That’s. All. Considering that’s about how long I could easily spend myself per brow, I’d say that’s time well spent.

The Pain:

At its “worst,” it (ironically) felt like a stubborn hair being plucked. At it’s “best,” a slight tug of pressure – which while I snuggled under my blanket, soon became a comforting sensation. Disclaimer: I *think* I have a high threshold for pain, but for year-long perfect brows, 20 minutes of a little discomfort is a small price to pay.


The Aftercare:

Avoid excessive sweating, water-soaking and direct sunlight (or wear sunscreen), for three to five days. Use an aftercare cream day and night or whenever you feel dryness until healed. Surface ink will start to flake off around day four, but don’t panic, this is totally normal and after a day or so of awkward patchiness, they will reveal a much subtler colour, but still very much striking brow.

The Look:

Contrary to the classic “Instagram brow” that has graced the internet with its presence in the last couple of years, Patrick encourages me to go for his signature timeless and natural look. Being a fan of a bolder brow on special occasions, I was sceptical, but I can now transition from natural to glam in a flash – without waking up every morning with full-blown drama brows. I love having the option to do both, and starting out with a structured and even base saves me so much time and effort.

micoblading before and after

The End:

I am more than happy with my final look and the amazing professionalism and thoroughness of the overall experience. While I do get compliments on how great my brows look, most people don’t notice that I’ve gotten anything “done.” Which, to me, seems like a successful catfish. I would definitely encourage the splurge for anyone looking to dramatically reform their brow routine or brow life, and am looking forward to coming back in a year’s time.

If you’re looking to try the trend, I highly recommend you check out the newly launched Patrick Henri studio for ‘Sassy approved’ brows.

sassy perk

From now until 31 July, 2018 Patrick Henri will offer an exclusive to our Sassy readers –  $500 off your microblading procedure (includes anti-allergy test at consultation, first session and touch-up), as well as a complimentary 3-in-one toner and cleanser (valued at $220), from his new skincare line. Simply quote “Sassy” upon booking!

Patrick Henri, 10/F unit C, 88 Commercial Building, 28-34 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan Tel: 6190 6765, www.patrickhenri.com

Special thanks to Toki Creative for videography collaboration on this video.

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