22 August, 2013

Amika Hairdo Bar – updos, styling and blowouts in Soho

22 August, 2013

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Knowing that Hong Kong’s insufferable humidity will attack my hair the second I step outside, I rarely devote much time to trying to tame my tresses; I’m more of a “wash and go” kind of girl. That said, I do love being pampered, and if I can get someone else to put in the hard work to ensure my mane behaves, then I am more than willing to do so!

I usually keep these pampering dates to every eight weeks or so i.e. whenever it’s time to get my hair cut. However, I’ve recently realised that having my hair styled needn’t always go hand in hand with having inches cut off! In fact, at brand new hairstyling salon Amika Hairdo Bar in Soho, cuts aren’t even an option; you simply go to have “Blowouts. Updos. Styling. Drinks,” perfect for when you have a fancy party that evening or are just in need of a little pampering.

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Amika started in New York in 2006, as a hair care company that infused technology with a fashion-forward edge, inspired by the city’s vibrant fashion, art and music – and they’ve now decided to launch their first styling-only salon right here in Hong Kong!

The salon’s selection of 12 different hairstyles, including updos, will adapt depending on the latest hair trends of the season. Most of these styles don’t involve a wash; instead, high-quality Amika products are used to ensure you leave the salon with silky-smooth shiny hair, and without the added time of washing and drying, you can leave with your hair looking super glamorous after less than 40 minutes. If you do want the full wash and dry treatment, this is an option, but do expect to pay a little more.

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From the moment I arrived at Amika, I felt truly spoilt; a glass of champagne was poured for me before I’d even sat down, jars of sweets were unscrewed and staff were generally on hand to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. Even the music was to my liking and suited the fun, colourful and girlie décor of the space.

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I have a LOT of hair, a fact which hairdressers everywhere I go never fail to point out. As you can imagine, this means it isn’t easy to handle, particularly during the Hong Kong summer. Wanting to keep some of it off my face without having to tie it all back, I therefore selected the ‘Bohemian Babe’ look, asking my friendly stylist to tweak it slightly to suit the style I was going for.

Each stylist, having been trained by members of the NYC-based Amika styling team, will help you achieve exactly the look you’re after, even to the point of asking what you plan on wearing that evening, to make sure the style works for you. I wanted more of a French plait than the simple braid shown in the lookbook, so all I had to do was ask, sip on champagne and let the Amika team work their magic.

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40 minutes later and I was ready to hit the town with a happy champagne-and-sweets fuelled spring in my step. I received so many compliments when I left the salon that I am already planning my next trip. For only $180 to look like a ‘Bohemian Babe’ and enjoy a couple of glasses of champagne, I can easily see trips to Amika becoming a weekly ritual!

Styling costs $180 and updos cost $550 (no wash included), blowouts cost $280 (wash included) with other add-ons, membership packages and blowout bundles also available

Amika Hairdo Bar, 8 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2291 0070


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