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Sassy’s Dining Guide to Wong Chuk Hang!

As a general rule, people in Hong Kong tend to live within their comfort zones, often only daring to eat in restaurants within that same area, for fear of spending more than $30 in a taxi. Sometimes it’s necessary to step outside that comfort zone … read more


Get your caffeine kick on the go with Porch – The Coffee Merchants!

There’s nothing like unwinding on the weekend with a good ol’ cup of joe… sitting on the balcony (or ‘porch’!) in the morning with a good book and a steaming cuppa is the perfect way to relax. What makes this calming moment even better? … read more

Lobster Bar and Grill shangri-la dcg

Lobster Bar and Grill at Island Shangri-La – the perfect date night venue!

In my mind date nights should be slightly naughty; an indulgent escape and chance to play posh for a night. Romance for me is heightened, not by talking life admin in the taxi journey to dinner, but meeting beforehand in a dimly lit bar before … read more


Crafty Cow – Beer & Beef in Sheung Wan!

    Although it continues to be used very frequently, people in the restaurant industry hate the word ‘fusion.’ That’s why the newly opened Crafty Cow on Sheung Wan’s Upper Station Street is attempting to get rid of it by … read more

SHK-DCG-The Grocer

The Grocer: Gourmet goods delivered to your doorstep!

Although I like to think that I’m not too much of a technophobe, I’ve always been a bit suspicious of online shopping. I suppose it is just that there is something so reassuring about going into the shop and holding an item in your hands before … read more

150213-SHK-Hero-LeavingHKToDo_v1_OP (1)

Sassy’s Guide to Ladies Night in Hong Kong 2015

After work, nothing looks better on you than a cocktail glass! That’s why we’ve updated our old list of Ladies Nights and Happy Hours across the 852 to give you our top picks in 2015. Of course, we wouldn't recommend binge drinking, but sometimes … read more

flying winemaker DCG

Sassy drinks at The Flying Winemaker, Hong Kong

It has been said that "the point of learning about wine is not to know everything about wine, [but to] enjoy life more". As I'm sure many out there will agree, us girls love our wine - not in a co-dependent way though! Rather, our love affair … read more

SHK-DCG-Kong Coffee

Sassy gets a buzz at Kong Coffee Consulting’s Intro to Coffee Tasting workshop

I think it’s safe to say we’re treated well at Sassy HQ! Wine tastings, press previews, mani/pedis… yep, it’s a good life! So when we went to check out the intro to a coffee tasting workshop by Courtney at Kong Coffee Consulting the morning … read more

pinot duck dcg

Double up on duck at Pinot Duck – a secret Stanley spot worth checking out!

    It had been a while since I've visited the South side of the Island and hit up the Stanley markets, so when I heard about the opening of Pinot Duck, a brand new restaurant from the folks behind Nha Trang and BÊP, I snapped up the … read more


Sassy’s Secret Cocktail at The Woods!

You know we like to keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in Hong Kong, but we also like to let you in on secret Sassy tips and tricks around town. If you're a fan of cocktails (and let's face it, who isn't!) then listen up: Sassy’s … read more

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