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Sabrina’s Top 5 Beauty Picks: January

Clothing, accessories, and jewellery have long been my calling, but I have only recently realised what a beauty junkie I am. I am constantly acquiring and assessing new products and sharing my latest and greatest with friends, but I have yet to make … read more


Sassy Makeovers by Natasha Sajnani, founder of Facetools!

If you're in need of a confidence boost, or if you've got a big event that you want to really look your best for, then we'll let you in on our little secret... our former That Girl, Natasha Sajnani and her incredible set of Facetools make-up brushes! … read more


5 Reasons to use organic beauty products!

We often think about beauty and nutrition separately, but the two are very much interlinked. Skin is our largest organ and absorbs most of what we put on it, so it makes sense to pay attention to what‘s in our beauty products. We are what we eat - … read more

SHK-DCG-Super Stylers-ABNS1

Super Stylers: Tania and Sam of A Boy Named Sue

This month's Super Stylers are pioneers in eco-friendly fashion in Hong Kong. Their online eco-boutique, A Boy Named Sue, stocks beautiful collections of sustainable clothing sourced from designers all over the world. We catch up with them to learn … read more


Sassy’s Guide to Yoga in Hong Kong

And ommmm… yep, this month is all about health and wellness, and that goes hand in flexible hand with practising yoga. Some time on a yoga mat will undoubtedly calm you down while working up a sweat and it’s perfect to tone up that body in time … read more


New year, new you! Transform yourself with our EPIC x SASSY exclusive 3-month membership

It’s easy to get swept up in excuses when it comes to fitness… especially in Hong Kong. Not having time to get to the gym, feeling too tired from work – let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of putting off exercise at one point or another! … read more

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Booking beauty just got easy with new app, BloomMe!

These days there seems to be an app for everything – and we’re not complaining! Instant taxis at your fingertips (thanks Uber!), restaurant reservations at the click of a button… ideal for busy Sassy girls navigating their way through … read more


10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Daily Life

You’ve heard about the benefits of coconut oil, and you’ve cradled a bottle many a times at a grocery store before putting it down and walking away because you’re still not convinced. We’re here to tell you that the hype is real. We at Sassy … read more


Sassy’s Top 10 Beauty Looks from the Golden Globes

That's right - it's the start of red carpet season! Award shows will be flooding our screens and all the glitz and glam of Hollywood will be on full show. This week, our favourite celebs seriously impressed with some stunning hair and beauty moments … read more


Top 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts

After sifting through thousands of skinny white girl selfies, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Instagram accounts to inspire your fitness routine, whatever your preferred method of sweating might be.     @runtothefinish This … read more

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