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mac make up smudge proof dcg

MAC Make-up Tutorial: Smudge-proof Skin

I've been there and I know you've been there too. Walking around Hong Kong minding your own business when suddenly you get caught in a thunderstorm and your make-up ends up sliding down your face. Well, cast your fears away because smudge-free skin … read more

SHK-DCG-Carla Gentry Osorio

Carla Gentry Osorio – Hair Stylist to the Stars!

One of Hong Kong's top hair salons has teamed up with celebrity stylist Carla Gentry Osorio to beautify the 852. It’s no secret that we Sassy girls are big fans of Hollywood Hair (just check out our Hollywood Hair makeovers here), so we … read more


Pure Yoga is opening at Hutchison House in Admiralty!

One of the most popular yoga studios in town and winner of our Reader's Choice Awards, Pure Yoga, is opening its doors in a brand new location! Yep, if you’re looking to get your downward dog on in a peaceful, spacious, brand spanking new studio, … read more


Taekwondo in Hong Kong: Tal Moriah Trains!

I have serious commitment issues when it comes to types of exercise. Running, boxing and yoga serve as my foundation and true loves, but I find myself bored even if I’m doing a combination of these on a regular basis. Enter Tal Moriah and … read more

bikini fit victoria park hong kong dcg

Bikini Fit launches in Victoria Park!

Hold the press! One of our favourite fitness programmes, Bikini Fit (check out our review of Bikini Fit here), is launching in a new location! Can you guess where? Drum roll please... in Victoria Park! Yep - if you live around Causeway Bay now is … read more


The Kate Somerville Treatment Arrives In Hong Kong

You know that dewy, natural, sun-kissed skin that glows with health? Well, I don’t have that kind of skin. I put a lot of time, money and effort into trying to make my skin look semi-decent without foundation because make-up and Hong Kong humidity … read more


Healing Hypnotherapy with Dr. Bradford

I’ve always been a little bit skeptical yet curious about hypnosis; I mean I usually associate it with people clucking like chickens on a stage but I’ve heard some great things about it too. So when Dr. Joëlle Bradford invited us to try a … read more


The Best Places for Tattoos and Piercings in Hong Kong

In the past, tattoos and piercings certainly had a 'reputation', but these days they're seen as casual accessories, self-defining markings and even high art. If you're thinking about getting inked then make sure to check out the establishments … read more

fitness with de fina train your butt dcg

Fitness with de Fina: Perky Twerky – How to train your butt!

“Sir Mix-A-Lot” had two enlightening realisations about himself. The first, was that he was incapable of fabricating a deviation from the truth. The second, was that he liked big butts. But what Sir Mix-A-Lot didn’t inform us of is that there … read more


‘Fat Girl Slim’ at Bliss Spa plus a special giveaway

I’m a huge fan of the treatments at Bliss Spa at the W Hong Kong and always leave with a massive smile on my face. With summer fast approaching and junk invites landing in my inbox I decided to try out the Fat Girl Slim treatment before hitting … read more

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