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beauty news flash dcg october

Beauty News Flash: Giorgio Armani recovery balm samples, an amazing La Prairie launch and more

As the (relatively) cool fall weather approaches, remember to customise your skincare routine to keep your complexion hydrated and glowing. On the menu this month is a handful of brilliant skincare launches in Hong Kong. There’s sure to be a … read more


Sassy Scoop: Self-tan success with LDN:Skins!

Winter is fast approaching… but if saying goodbye to that sweet summer tan is leaving you feeling blue, then you might want to try out LDN:Skins. This new self-tanning product has already taken London by storm and has an impressive celebrity … read more

SHK-DCG-Kate Somerville

Customised skincare at Kate Somerville! Plus a special Sassy giveaway

Anti-aging. There, I said it. As a 20-something, this is a phrase I dread to see on any skincare product in my bathroom. So when I went over for a personal consultation at the Kate Somerville counter in Lane Crawford, I was a little apprehensive. As … read more


Sassy Scoop: Let’s hear it for the girls! Epic MMA Club launches an eight-week women’s only programme, “Epic Body Fit”

You know how excited we were when we heard Epic MMA was launching brand new classes (including super fun Antigravity Yoga!), and now we’re pleased to announce that they’ll be starting a women’s only programme at the end of October for eight … read more

pink revolution checking breasts dcg

Start your own Pink Revolution! What you need to know about examination

It probably hasn’t escaped you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month… and nope we’re not trying to sell you anything or get you to part with your cash, but instead this is more a case of charity begins at home by YOU giving yourself … read more

SHK-DCG-de Fina Strong1

Fitness with De Fina: Why you won’t get ‘big’ from doing weights

One of the most sinister and limiting myths that women must overcome in order to incorporate a significant amount of weight-training into their fitness routine, is the belief that they'll end up looking like a cheap cross-dressing version of Arnold … read more


Sassy Scoop: Bow to the brow! Princessbrows shows us how to perfect our brow shape

We’ve all got our beauty routines – cleansers, toners and moisturisers before bed, foundations, lippy and mascara before we go out. But what about our poor old eyebrows? We often overlook our brows, but if they’re filled in and shaped well they … read more

flex barre dcg

We try out classes at the new Flex Studio in Central, Hong Kong!

As a bit of a yoga-nut, I kept hearing from my friends about the recently opened Flex studio in Central. Sassy has already tried out Flex's classes (see the full review here), but we were intrigued to find out what their new studio was like. I was … read more

SHK-DCG-Blossom nail

Blossom Nail Beauty: get bloomin’ lovely toes in the heart of Jordan!

Trotting across to Jordan from Wan Chai on a Friday evening is no easy feat. Believe me, I know, as I recently had to do this one Friday. All in the name of some TLC and pampering – so no real complaints from me! Blossom Nail Beauty is a … read more

epic mma antigravity yoga dcg

Defying gravity! We try out Antigravity Yoga at Epic MMA

My journey from fat to fit has been a fun and sweaty one, though at times gruelling and painful. This year I have tried a combo of gym and yoga studio trials, Muay Thai, personal Pilates training, and working out with my kid. I have embraced the … read more

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