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An Epic Fitness Journey – plus a Special Sassy Offer!

It took me 27 years to realise that fit is better than thin and strong is better than skinny. A side effect of falling in love with fitness has been an accumulation of gym memberships, similar to a shopaholic's shoe collection. I basically stopped … read more


Get 20% off indoor plants at ECOLS – an online eco-lifestyle store in HK!

It’s Earth Hour in a couple of days, and whilst we’re big supporters of this worldwide event that raises awareness for climate change, we also believe that we should be thinking about our environmental impact on the planet every day. That’s why … read more


Strip it off! We try out Brazilian Waxing at STRIP: The Ministry of Waxing

With Hong Kong heating up and the thought of a long beach vacay on my mind, I decided it was time to start getting ready for summer. I’d already begun shopping for new beachwear online (any excuse for a touch of retail therapy!), I bought a brand … read more

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Win a spa sesh at The Oriental Spa – we try out the Sodashi Radiance treatment!

We all have had that week, when Friday seems like a year away and we need a little time to switch off - and I mean really ‘slide to power off’. I decided to try out The Oriental Spa’s two hour Sodashi Radiance treatment at the Landmark … read more


Silky smooth feet thanks to Lavar’s Spa Pedicure

Okay, let’s admit it, who else let’s their beauty routine get a bit slack in winter months? Nobody’s going to see my feet anyway, so why bother getting a pedicure? Sound familiar, ladies? Just as well then that Lavar invited me to review … read more


Win a ghd curve™! Let’s hear it for the curls – we try out ghd’s new curve™ collection

Sick of the same old hairstyle every time you go out? Instead of dashing to the salon to get a blowout before a night out on the town, why not get ready at a leisurely pace (with a glass of wine!) in the comfort of your own home using the latest … read more

green vitamin dcg

Green Vitamin – delicious, health foods you have to try!

Sometimes at Sassy we come across a company or brand that really has an impact on the way we live our lives. When Sammy and I were introduced to Green Vitamin, it really changed the way we thought about our health, nutrition and lifestyles... so much … read more


Fitness with de Fina: DIY Nutrition Planning

Why is the topic of nutrition so complicated? Why do we have infinite resources at our fingertips, yet have so many question marks over how to eat properly to reach a goal? In an age where an ever-increasing number of people have Internet access, … read more


That Girls share their Fitness Tips and try out Hu-nu Activewear’s new collection!

It’s so important to keep on top of our health and fitness, especially in our busy and slightly – ok, very - chaotic city! That’s why we’re always on the look out for the latest and greatest workout gear to keep us feeling comfortable and … read more

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Julie Bell of Benefit Cosmetics launches Roller Lash mascara in Hong Kong!

Recently, we were lucky enough to catch up with the very Sassy Ms. Julie Bell, Executive Vice-President of one of our favourite beauty brands – Benefit Cosmetics! Julie is the brains behind some of Benefit’s most fabulous and innovative products … read more

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