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sabrina beauty picks july

Sabrina’s Top 5 Beauty Picks for July

From Chanel lipgloss to Urban Decay blush, check out the best beauty buys below! There is loads to do when it's summer in the Kong… beach trips, boat rides, hiking or just plain hiding from the rain! Whatever your plans include, I've found a few … read more

paul gerrard dcg final

Paul Gerrard – our go-to salon for hair, nails and pampering! Plus a Special Sassy Giveaway

We stopped by one of the best hair salons in Hong Kong, Paul Gerrard. The expert hair stylists at Paul Gerrard, a well-loved and super cool, sleek salon in our city, gave some of our Sassy Girls a fresh new look for summer. They chopped, … read more


Nail & Waxing @ LKF – Polished and Primed Manis and Facials in the Heart of Central

Nail & Waxing @ LKF is the place to visit if you're after an immaculate mani in Hong Kong! Walking into the swish Nail & Waxing @ LKF, I was thoroughly embarrassed by the state of my chipped mani and the fact that I resembled a drowned … read more


MAC Make-up Tutorial: Five Steps for a Sassy Summer Look

Summer is at its peak and it's hot, hot, hot in Hong Kong! I'm adding heaps of colour to my normal make-up routine during these summer months and I think it's time you did too. For a long-lasting look that will withstand the heat and humidity, try to … read more


ClassCruiser – Work Out All You Want, Where You Want

Whether it’s CrossFit or bootcamp, yoga or Pilates, you know we love discovering the latest fitness classes and boutique studios around town... and if you’re like us, it can be hard to pick just one and stick with it! That’s where ClassCruiser … read more


Sassy x Spotify Playlist: Work it Out!

We don’t know about you, girls, but when we’re looking to get a good sweat-up during our workouts, we need some pumping tunes. It’s been said that music distracts us from exercise pain and fatigue whilst also elevating our mood, which is why … read more


Pure Yoga Now Open in Hutchison House! Get a 7-day pass to any Pure location including the new Admiralty branch!

Summer has well and truly hit the 852 and if you’re worried about being in shape, you’ve got to check out the awesome facilities at Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness. They’ve just opened their new yoga studio at Hutchison House in Admiralty. To … read more


Healing Without Medication: How and Why I Made the Switch to Essential Oils

With worsening pollution, changes in weather and such a dense population, it's easy to come down with a bug here in Hong Kong. Whether it's a cold or a bad stomach, everyone seems to be sniffling and snuffling at some point throughout the year. When … read more


Top 5 Muay Thai Spots in Hong Kong

Muay Thai, an ancient kickboxing martial art originating from Thailand, has recently become a trending form of exercise that now seems much more appealing than running endlessly on a treadmill. With so many Muay Thai studios around the city, we’ve … read more


Too many dark spots? Caudalie answer YOUR beauty questions!

We've all had our fair share of beauty blunders and make-up mishaps, and this summer we're determined to find the answer to perfect skin. We asked YOU to send in your beauty questions, and we were overwhelmed with the response! We chose a couple of … read more

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