22 December, 2023
2023 Christmas Eve Checklist
2023 Christmas Eve Checklist
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Your 2023 Christmas Eve Checklist

22 December, 2023
2023 Christmas Eve Checklist

Santa may have checked his list twice, but have you?

You ordered the turkey weeks in advance, the gifts are flawlessly wrapped and scattered under the tree, and stockings are stuffed… at least you think they are! With the mad panic that ensues in the lead up to the holidays, it’s easy to forget one (or two) things as Christmas Eve approaches. There’s so much to remember, but don’t fret – we’ve put together an ultimate last-minute to-do list to help you get through it all.

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2023 Christmas Eve Checklist: Christmas Tree Presents

Last-Minute Christmas Presents

If you ordered your gifts well in advance they should have all arrived by now. Now all that’s left to do is make sure they’re all wrapped and tagged! Oops, missed someone on your list? Deep breaths, we’ve got you covered with these last-minute gift ideas and edible gift recipes that won’t cost the Earth.

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Final Grocery Run & Setting The Table

Once you’ve picked up all the final ingredients for your dinner spread, reserve some time to set your table. Get festive with your dinnerware and pop some crackers on each of your guests’ plates for a bit of fun. Grab some spices and a bottle of red to mull, bring out a plate of cheese, and you can even have a couple more bottles of booze delivered to your door to cap off the night? Christmas Day only comes once a year, after all!

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Update Your Festive Playlist

Right, you’re nearly there. All of the above has been double and triple checked. The only thing left is to update your Christmas Spotify playlist with the latest seasonal tracks. As much as we love the classics, there’s only so much of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” one can take each year.

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2023 Christmas Eve Checklist: Christmas Tree Decorating

Final Christmas Eve Checklist

☐ Presents: Track down any online orders, make sure everything’s wrapped, finish up any holiday cards and stuff the stockings.
☐ Food: Double check dishes, take stock of your alcohol and treats, and buy your perishable goods.
☐ Decorations: 
Get out all your ornaments, candles, wreaths and décor, and make sure you have extra batteries for non plug-in lights.
☐ Last checks: Picked up fresh flowers? Charged your camera? Is your outfit pressed and ready?

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Christmas Eve Checklist: Christmas Dinner

And finally, sit back and relax! The moment we’ve been waiting 365 days for is here. No matter how (dis)organised you may be, what’s important is that you’re celebrating good cheer with your nearest and dearest. A toast to you all. Have a very merry Christmas!

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Editor’s Note: “Your 2023 Christmas Eve Checklist” was most recently updated in December 2023 by Team Sassy. With thanks to Lexi Davey for her contribution.


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