24 December, 2019
Christmas Eve Checklist
Christmas Eve Checklist
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Your Ultimate Christmas Eve Checklist

24 December, 2019
Christmas Eve Checklist

Santa may have checked his list twice, but have you?

You ordered the turkey weeks in advance, the gifts are flawlessly wrapped and scattered under the tree, and stockings are stuffed…at least you think they are! With the mad panic that ensues in the lead up to the holidays, it’s easy to forget one (or two) things as Christmas Eve approaches. There’s so much to remember, but don’t fret – we’ve put together an ultimate last-minute to-do list to help you get through it all.

Christmas Eve Checklist

  • Presents
    Okay, you’ve got this. You know how to be organised, you’ve written down the names of everyone to shop for weeks ago and look, you’ve even ticked them… oh. In your defence, it wasn’t ever confirmed if your brother was bringing his girlfriend or not, and you definitely weren’t aware that your aunt would decide to pop by for “an hour or so”. Deep breaths, we’ve got you covered with these last-minute gift ideas that won’t cost the earth.
  • Turkey
    Hopefully it’s in the freezer somewhere – but if you ended up losing the fight over the last 5kg turkey from Bones & Blades or Pacific Gourmet, it might be time to take a look at these Christmas dining out options instead.
  • Christmas cards and decor
    Your guests are arriving mid-morning and your flat is looking a little…sad. As tempting as cutting out paper snowflakes may sound, you’re an adult now and you deserve pretty things. Go on, treat yourself to a new garland of fairy lights, replace that cinnamon-scented candle, sweep up those dropped pine needles and dash out to one of our favourite décor spots! As for cards, it may be a little late to send them by post, but you can still hand them out to family and friends on the big day. Check out these cool options – don’t worry, the shops are still stocked!
  • Outfit
    Whether you’re dining in or heading out, Christmas only comes around once a year. And – not that we’re ever in need of an excuse to get dolled up – we’ve been saving our festive red lipstick for the occasion! After a little more beauty inspo? Find all you need here. As for style, between themed Christmas jumpers and pyjamas and holiday party looks, we’ve got you covered for every eventuality.
  • Music
    Right, you’re nearly there. All of the above has been double and triple checked. The only thing left is the tunes. There’s only so much Michael Bublé that your Dad can stand, so it’s best to have a back-up.

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Christmas Eve Check List:
☐ Presents:
 Track down any online orders, make sure everything’s wrapped, finish up any holiday cards and stuff the stockings.
☐ Food: Double check dishes, take stock of your alcohol and treats, and buy your perishable goods.
☐ Decorations: 
Get out all your ornaments, candles, wreaths and décor, and make sure you have extra batteries for non plug-in lights.
☐ Last checks: Picked up fresh flowers? Charged your camera? Is your outfit pressed and ready? Have you curated your Christmas playlist?

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And finally, sit back and relax! The moment we’ve been waiting 365 days for is here. No matter how (dis)organised you may be, you’re with the ones you love most and it’s time to celebrate family, friends and good cheer. A toast to you all. Merry Christmas!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2015 by Lexi Davey and most recently updated in December 2019.

Featured image courtesy of Xsandra via Getty Images, image 1 courtesy of Element5 Digital via Unsplash, image 2 courtesy of Michael Mroczek via Unsplash, image 3 courtesy of Katrien Sterckx via Unsplash.

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