9 December, 2020
Miyagawa Mina: Jewellery Investment Tips
Miyagawa Mina: Jewellery Investment Tips
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9 December, 2020
Miyagawa Mina: Jewellery Investment Tips scoop

Jewellery designer Miyagawa Mina shares some top tips!

We’re always on the lookout for talented females to introduce to our Sassy readers, so let us present Miyagawa Mina, a born and bred Hongkonger who knows a thing or two about jewellery. She’s not only a talented designer, but also an investment advisor and appraiser.

Warren Buffett has described jewellery as the most stable investment, which is a mantra Miyagawa has made a successful career out of. Not only do you want your jewellery to look pretty, you want it to be an investment too. But it’s all about picking the right piece, which is exactly where her expertise lies, so we asked Miyagawa to share some of her knowledge with our readers.

Miyagawa Mina: Jewellery Design

How did you first get into jewellery design and what encouraged you to create your own brand in 2008?

My parents owned a gemstone cutting factory so I grew up surrounded by stones and spent my time imagining ways to make them look prettier. In my twenties all my friends were buying into real estate and stocks, while I was busy investing in individual coloured diamonds, which seemed inefficient to them. I wanted to prove that I had an eye for great pieces and a talent for jewellery design.

What do you love most about what you do?

Negotiating and communicating with mine owners and suppliers around the world. That’s how I can guarantee I’m getting the best jewels for all my customers.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I love reading up about the history behind diamonds and gemstones which helps inspire me when customers tell me their own stories. I have also done a lot of appraisals in France and Japan so the more jewellery you see, the more you know what works.

Miyagawa Mina: Jewellery Appraisal

What three tips would you give to people looking to make their first jewellery investment?

  • Choose a rare gemstone or diamond as more common stones are less likely to hold their value. (In nature, the ratio of white diamonds to coloured diamonds is 100,000:1)
  • You don’t need to be a billionaire to invest – stones like aquamarine and paraiba are relatively low in price compared to others but have high potential.
  • Join auction houses to help you see how it works and what type of jewellery is popular and trending.

We always hear about the 4 Cs, but what else should be considered when investing in diamonds or gemstones?

Look at their origin. For example, Burma produces the best rubies in the world, while Columbia has top quality emeralds. You also need to be aware of market trends by knowing which mines may be shut or face restrictions, as this could affect value.

Miyagawa Mina, 19/F, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9666 6660, [email protected], www.minajw.com, www.facebook.com/miyagawamina.hkwww.instagram.com/miyagawamina.hk

Brought to you in partnership with Miyagawa Mina.

Images courtesy of Miyagawa Mina.

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