25 July, 2016
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12 Ways the Launch of Pokémon Go Will Change Your Life

25 July, 2016

Gotta Catch ‘Em All


Pokémon Go (Download it for iPhone or on Android here) has taken Honkers by storm, and we can only assume, like us, you’ve been dashing about the office and maxing out your lunch hour, all in search of the very best. Well girls, in between battling it out with our colleagues in the bid for the Cubone perched on the desk opposite, we’ve gone ahead and predicted 12 other ways in which the launch of Pokémon Go in Hong Kong will rapidly begin to change our lives…

two girls playing pokemon go in hong kong

1. Your Fitbit steps will soar from 5000 to 15,000 in a matter of hours. And waking up at 7am to go to the ‘gym‘ will soon have a very different meaning…

2. You’ll find any excuse to take the dog for a walk.

3. What used to be a 10-minute commute to work will take half an hour. Think your morning change at Admiralty used to be bad? Just wait until we’re all running across the platform to snag ourselves a Wild Snorlax.

4. After work drinks will become a thing of the past. You’ll stop searching for the best watering holes in Hong Kong and be quick to cash in your usual Wednesday at The Races for a spot of Pokémon hunting instead.

5. You’ll start utilising EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE of your lunch hour, dedicating the majority of it to practicing your Poké ball ‘throwing’ and frequently opting to eat your lunch at the local sitting out area Poké stop.

6. Brex-what? Worldly affairs will quickly become old news – your convos will pretty much begin and end with asking your friends how many Pokémon they’ve caught since you last saw them.

pokemon go app hong kong

7. Hiking the Twins will no longer seem insane when your main priority is catching that Jigglypuff at the top.

8. You’ll be fighting tourists for the window seat on the Star Ferry in hopes of catching a Starmie.

9. Arguing over where to eat in the evening becomes a thing of the past. You’ll no longer care whether it’s Mexican, French, healthy fare or lashings of comfort food – as long as there’s Pokémon about.

10. You’ll start referring to butterflies as Butterfrees and turtles as Squirtles. That bug which just crawled over your hand? Damn Weedles!

11. You’ll very quickly find yourself aboard the nostalgia train and calling your mum to dig those old cards out of storage (couldn’t throw those away, obvs), downloading old series, instinctively humming the theme tune and realising that Ash was totally your first crush.

12. Weirdly, through all the chaos (whoever thought that placing a gym in a wet market was a good idea is having a laugh) and hype over the app, you’ll begin to make new like-minded friends. Tinder? Ha! Please.


There’s only one thing left to do – you gotta catch ’em all!

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