5 Reasons to Work Out at Studio Fitness

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The Location

Conveniently located at the end of Wyndham Street in Central, Studio Fitness gives you no reason to avoid the gym before or after work! A quick 15-minute walk from Sassy HQ, I loved that if i did manage to get myself together for a 7.30am class it meant I wouldn’t be late and rushing in to work with wet hair.

It’s also a speedy 10-minute walk from the Central MTR station, so if you’re commuting to far flung areas of Hong Kong (Kwun Tong, we’re looking at you!) you can still get your workout in without venturing too far from the main part of the island. Essentially next to Lan Kwai Fong, it’s also the perfect chance to grab some dinner (or a drink!) post workout… of which I definitely do from time to time!

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The Trainers

One my biggest concerns about personal training was that the trainers would be really unforgiving and expect me to know everything right away. Thankfully the experience was totally the opposite and Mike and Jim made sure we discussed my fitness goals, expectations for the program and most importantly, they built upon my prior experiences.

From there, each personal training session was tailored to these goals and slowly amped up in intensity. By the end of the 8 weeks, I was lifting weights that I couldn’t even look at in the beginning!

This isn’t exclusive to the personal training experience either – in group classes, all trainers make the effort to learn each member’s name and are super encouraging. Whether your form is slightly off or you’re lifting weights that are too light for you, you can count on the Studio Fitness trainers to correct your course.

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The Classes

There’s nothing worse than being bored at the gym. Honestly, how long can you run on a treadmill staring out of the window before you just give up? The best part about Studio Fitness is that even within a certain type of class, your workouts are never identical.

Choose from three classes: high intensity cardio (Cut Fat), cardio based weightlifting (Get Ripped), and a heavier weightlifting option if you’re looking to build muscle (Get Jacked) – I personally love a mixture of Cut Fat and Get Ripped throughout the week so I can work on getting my stamina up to speed whilst building lean muscle. Each trainer has their own style, vibe and music choice and you can decide what works best for you!

Classes are never run with more than 13 people so you don’t feel like you have to fight for space or equipment, like you do in some of the larger gym chains.

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The Facilities

The amenities at Studio Fitness are top notch, and one of the main reasons I love working out there! From the two floors of exercise space and amazing sound system (to distract you from your burning muscles), to the GHD hair styling tools and LUSH shower products; everything at Studio Fitness comes together for a great workout experience from start to finish. They also provide some delicious protein shakes for you to enjoy post-session, based on what you’re looking to replenish.

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The Community

The absolute number one reason I joined Studio Fitness after my 8 week transformation had nothing to do with the numbers on the scale or inches on the measuring tape. It was the people who I had met and bonded with in my time there. Those who definitely laughed with me when I fell out of my plank and who co-groaned at the thought of more jump squats.

There’s an overwhelming sense of community amongst the members and you can tell that those relationships extend beyond just a quick hello in the locker room. As someone who is always looking to make new friends in this massive city, it was a big, big incentive for me. To know that I can socialise and workout at the same time… it’s a match made in heaven.

Fancy embarking on your own love story? They offer a free trial class as well as a number of different packages based on your own personal workout needs. Take a look at their website to enquire and see what suits you best!

Studio Fitness, 34 Wyndham street, World-Wide Commercial Building, 1/F, Central, Hong Kong,

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