27 October, 2016
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Warrior Academy & The Elephas: An Awesome Workout Space and Health Cafe

27 October, 2016

Our new favourite gym?


We’re inundated with gyms here in Hong Kong, so it can be hard to know where to start when you’re thinking about joining one. If you’re sick of small spaces, pretentious environments and boring workouts, then I promise a visit to Warrior Academy will be worth your while! This beautiful 7,000 sq ft space in Shek Tong Tsui (just down from the HKU MTR) offers a huge range of classes and programmes, and it even has it’s very own cafe, The Elephas.

weights at warrior academy

Warrior Academy

Warrior Academy is the brainchild of our former That Girl (and all round kick-ass fitness coach) Tricia Yap and Muay Thai expert Billy Tam. With a skilled, qualified team they have built a space that can accommodate for many interests and fitness levels. Opt for drop-in classes, unique group classes, structured group training programmes, personal training, online coaching and even the lifestyle consulting services.

changing room warrior academy

The space itself is impressive; it’s huge for Hong Kong, sleek, modern and clean, with equipment that is useful and there to help customers achieve their goals. You won’t find any unnecessary or over the top equipment that’s just for show (like so many other Hong Kong gyms!). There’s strength and conditioning facilities, a martial arts zone, good-sized changing rooms and the atmosphere isn’t intimidating… trust me! I’m always so scared off by hardcore gyms, but the trial session I experienced at Warrior Academy was so much fun and I felt welcome and able to work at my own pace.

So what do they offer?


  • Muay Thai for All Levels – this includes: lunch lessons, technique classes, a Muay Thai Pads class and even Thai Sword Fighting!
  • Muay Thai for Intermediate/Advance – this includes: sparring classes, a Muay Thai fighter classes for those training for fights.
  • Strength and Conditioning for All Levelsthis includes: War Fit (circuit workouts and metabolic conditioning), Warrior Endurance (develop cardio endurance), Gymnastic Movement, Killer Core (women only), Warrior Lifting Basics, The Weekend Special (a fun team-based class).
  • Strength and Conditioning for Intermediate/Advance – this includes: Bulletproof Strength, The Lean Machine (hyperthropy style training), Beast Mode, Olympic Lifting.
  • Recover & Mobilise – this includes: Acro Yoga, Warrior Yoga, Body Mechanic.

Quite a lot, basically! I loved trying out some basic Muay Thai in our quick taster class, and it was fun (and I imagine quite funny to watch us) attempting to do a ‘forward roll’ after some many years when we had a go at the gymnastics. For something completely original, try the Thai Sword Fighting where you get to use actual light-sabers! No joke, this is definitely one for Star Wars fans and it looks pretty damn cool.

Whatever you choose to do, there’s plenty on offer to suit your ability and needs. The skill of the staff and the support they offer has created a real sense of community,

elephant mural at the elephas

The Elephas

Whether you’ve been sweating it out at Warrior Academy or not, The Elephas is a cute little spot to grab a bite to eat that’s healthy, nutritious and flavourful. Headed up by co-founder Ricky Cheuk, The Elephas serves up a variety of fresh salads and Asian inspired dishes, as well as some seriously scrumptious desserts.

salad selection at the elephas

Using ‘wholesome and high-end ingredients’, each dish is healthy but I found them quite filling. The Vietnamese rice paper rolls were so fresh and vibrant, and the salads offered variety with different textures, vegetables and flavours.

banana bread at the elephas
You’ll also find satisfying poke bowls on offer, as well as gluten-free goodies like banana bread and low-sugar brownies… guilt-free desserts? I’m in.


If you’re interested in checking out this amazing new space, trying out a class and grabbing a bite to eat after, head over to the West side and sign up for a three-day free trial class. Unleash your inner warrior!

Warrior Academy + The Elephas1/F Hong Kong Plaza, 188 Connaught Road West, Shek Tong Tsui, www.warrioracademyhk.comwww.theelephas.com

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