6 July, 2017
Fit Eat In Hong Kong
Fit Eat In Hong Kong
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Fit Eat In: The 30 Minute Workout You Can Do During Your Lunch Break

6 July, 2017
Fit Eat In Hong Kong

‘Change your habits, not your schedule!’


District: Hong Kong Park, Central (with more locations launching soon!)
How much: $250 for a drop-in class (and lunch), or $4,800 for 24 sessions.
Best For: High-intensity workouts in small, trainer-led groups

Finding time to workout in Hong Kong is no easy feat. We’re constantly told to ‘make the time to exercise,’ however between our brimming social calendars and the daily grind, we don’t necessarily want to get up for a 6am gym session (and occasionally we just want to head home and binge watch TV shows). So, what if we told you that you can get in an intense workout AND a healthy meal – all within your lunch hour?

Fit Eat In is changing the game with its lunch time programmes, ‘designed with the busy professional in mind.’ Limited to just 15 people per class, each half hour session is based around ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT) which involves a series of intense exercises and short rest periods. According to co-founder, Adam Wise, their “responsibility is to make you look and feel great without changing your schedule,” so you can expect to work up a serious sweat as one of four experienced trainers combines cardio and strength training to achieve maximum results. We’re talking stair sprints, and lots of them!

With lunch included in the price of the class, even the busiest of Sassy Girls can change, workout, shower and eat before the clock strikes. Rope in your colleagues and try one of their exclusive corporate fitness sessions which will work around your team to find a time which suits everyone and get you all out of the office and bonding over burpees.

We had the chance to check out a Fit Eat In session for ourselves, and despite the scorching sunshine came out the other end sweaty, but feeling pretty great. Leaving with a delish and healthy meal (provided by Supafood) to tuck in to back at the office, this all-in-one class not only seriously kicked our butts in to gear, but got us realising that we really can fit it all in…

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Fit Eat In Hong Kong

Name: Tania, Assistant Editor, Sassy Mama Hong Kong
Experience Level: Not quite fit enough to workout in the midday Hong Kong heat.

Favourite Exercise: The group resistance band exercises – equally great for team building and butt burning.
Lunch Choice: The Organic Aussie Chicken Burrito with Yoghurt and Guacamole. It was healthy, filling, and satisfying – though I could always do with some extra cheddar and guac.
During the class, I felt… (other than hot?!) challenged. The session is tailored to suit the level of the group, but since it’s only a 30 minute class, our trainer, Raul, was keen to give us a bit of a leg-shaker. He succeeded!
Afterward, I felt… energised. Oh, and hungry.
In an Emoji:🔥

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Fit Eat In Hong Kong

Name: Lexi, Editor, Sassy Hong Kong
Experience Level: FIT(ish) ie. semi-fit; kind of fit; someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food.

Favourite Exercise: Would you believe me if I admited to (sort of) enjoying the stair sprints? 
Lunch Choice: 
Baked Organic Wild Caught Halibut with Honey Sriracha and Coconut Rice. The meal was super filling and the sauce was delish – but I would eat this as soon as you get back to the office, cold fish is best left to sushi!
During the class, I felt…  extremely unfit! However, our trainer was seriously encouraging and pushed us (within our limits) to power through and reap the benefits.
Afterward, I felt… sore, sweaty and revitalised!
In an Emoji: 😅

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Elle, Partnerships Manager
Experience Level: I love a good workout!

Favourite Exercise: The group resistance band exercises – working on our strength but also coordination and balance. Teamwork makes the dream work!  
Lunch Choice: 
Halibut with Sweet Potato and Carrot Smash, Slaw, and Organic Coconut Brown Rice – a healthy, yet tasty and filling lunch. (Although maybe not the best option for lunch on-the-go when sat in the HK heat!)
During the class, I felt… Hot and sweaty! With only 30 minutes to workout the intensity is high with short recovery time. The trainer, Raul was good at pushing us to challenge ourselves whilst also checking our form.
Afterward, I felt… Inspired to workout at lunchtime more often.
In an Emoji: 💪

Fit Eat In Hong Kong

Name: Simran, Head of Brand Partnerships
Experience Level: Fit enough to start huffing after the third round of stair sprints!

Favourite Exercise: Squats and burpees – as much as I dislike them doing them, I know the exercises work like a charm.
Lunch Choice: Soba Noodles with Tofu Patty & Chickpea Salad – it tasted refreshing after the workout and definitely quite filling. I would have liked a dressing with the noodles.
During the class, I felt… the heat and serious eyebrow sweat, but I kept thinking of the reward after!
Afterward, I felt… glad to be able to fit in a workout, a shower and a meal all before the end of lunch time. I actually gained hours back in the day!
In an Emoji: 🏋

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sassy perk

Keen to see what all the fuss is about? Buy your first drop-in session here and a second will be credited to your account, for free! Simply enter the code “SASSYPERK” upon checkout to redeem.

Fit Eat In, Olympic Square, Hong Kong Park, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 9507 7774, [email protected]www.fiteatin.com

Images courtesy of Fit Eat In

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