31 March, 2015
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We Are Living Alive, Are you?

31 March, 2015

I’ll admit it… I love kale. I think it’s the tastiest damn thing in the world and eat it nearly every day. I’ve come to realise my passion isn’t shared by many people, so to trick friends and family into eating well, I’m always hunting down new businesses that create healthy and delicious food. Enter Living Alive, a catering company set up by Holistic Health Coach and our That Bride Kanchan Porta-Panjabi (check out her interview here!). We’re a big fan of this former designer, qualified yoga teacher and mama and can’t get enough of her mega-watt smile and infectious personality.

Living Alive (the umbrella company that the catering company sits under) was set up by Kanchan in late 2012. It has two branches, Living Alive PR works with organic, green, spiritual and wellness companies in Hong Kong and Asia and Living Alive offers catering, cooking classes, healthy snacks and wellness coaching. They’ve worked with Barre2Barre, A Day with Fe (check out Fe’s That Mama Interview here) and Core+ to name a few Hong Kong based brands.


The fast-growing company recently launched a delicious range of healthy snacks that were devoured in the Sassy office a few weeks ago. The cocoa-dusted almonds and dehydrated fruit chips with masala are to die for and left us all wanting a lot more.

Thankfully Kanchan has been busy in the kitchen and it wasn’t long before we got to try out a lot more Living Alive food. Gluten-free, healthy and clean food that looks gorgeous and tastes delicious is the focus for the catering section of the company and the real standout dishes are the dips.


We tried out a lunch menu of Smokey Joe Eggplant Dip, Raw Pesto, Green and Red Hummus, Handmade Spelt Bread and Corn Salad, followed by a dessert of Raw Chocolates, Cocoa Dusted Apricot Seeds and Dehydrated Glazed Apples & Pears. It was incredible! We washed all this down with some homemade Sugarcane Lemongrass Water, which finished off the meal perfectly.

Some of Living Alive’s newest packages focus on family and wellbeing because Kanchan believes that good food and coming together go hand in hand. Her new family-yoga series twice a month on a Saturday morning combines one hour of yoga followed by a healthy brunch. You can bring kids and friends and enjoy a really beautiful and relaxing time in the comfort of Kanchan’s or your home.


So if you’re looking for some healthy but delicious catering options or snacks for your office, party, friends or family or are looking for a PR and Marketing company that specialises in wellness and spirituality then get in touch with Living Alive by emailing [email protected].

Living Alive, 3741 0107, www.wearelivingalive.com

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