22 October, 2021
Fish And Chips, Hong Kong: Rajasthan Rifles
Fish And Chips, Hong Kong: Rajasthan Rifles
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Where To Get The Best Fish And Chips In Hong Kong

22 October, 2021
Fish And Chips, Hong Kong: Rajasthan Rifles

A British comfort food classic, here’s where we like to go for fish and chips in Hong Kong.

Like a steaming bowl of phở or Japanese curry rice, fish and chips– bundled in newspaper– is one of the most beloved comfort foods. Although uncontested as the national dish of Britain, the true trajectory of fish and chips actually spans the globe. The particular style of fried fish– borrowing from the thinly floured pescado frito– arose from the foodways of Sephardic Jews who fled Portugal and resettled in England following the Spanish Inquisition. The fortuitous pairing with potato, the reluctantly popular tuber of the Andean highlands, turned the humble takeaway of fish and chips into a supper staple, and a symbol of the British working class.

When batter-fried white fish meets thick-cut spud, what results is simple yet transcendental. So, whether you’re in search of classic chippy offerings that stick to tradition or novel interpretations of the cherished original, here’s our pick of the best fish and chips in Hong Kong.

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Fish And Chips, Hong Kong: Chip In

Chip In Fish & Chips

Just a short walk away from the scenic public pier in Sai Kung, Chip In is the fish and chips joint to roll up to in a pair of flip flops with a towel around your shoulders. A tiny storefront nestled between stalls vending all things necessary for an island expedition, there’s a range of butties, battered treats and even a modest vegetarian selection to be found on the royal blue menu. But it’s really all about the Signature Fish and Chips – complemented, to your preference, with a craft beer brewed locally in Hong Kong – and served with biodegradable cutlery. This small, socially-responsible shop succeeds in uniting two seemingly mismatched icons: the northern English fish and chips takeaway and American state fairs. For dessert, indulge in a slice– or doughy dumpling– of Americana right here in Hong Kong by way of the deep-fried Oreo.

Sassy Tip: Looking to get your fish and chips fix closer to the Island? Chip In also has a location in Hung Hom.

Chip In Fish & Chips (Hung Hom), Unit 28, G/F The Vantage, 63 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, Hong Kong, 9452 3373

Chip In Fish & Chips (Sai Kung), Shop 11, G/F, 9 King Man Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 6418 6575, www.chipin.com.hk

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Fish & Chick

While haddock may be regarded as the platonic ideal for a quality fish and chips, Fish & Chick reveals diverse expressions of the classic comfort food. Take your pick from a diverse selection of fish, ranging from seabream, monkfish, barramundi, hoki, halibut, sea bass and flounder, to accompany your fried-to-perfection chips. For diners looking to avoid fish, Fish & Chick also serves rotisserie chicken and a friendly fish-free fish and chips made using tofu. At the Kennedy Town location, the unobstructed praya-side view and gentle sea breeze – salting your plate for an added savouriness – turns Fish & Chick into one of the more premium fish and chips experiences in Hong Kong.

Fish & Chick (Kennedy Town), Shop 6, 25 New Praya Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, 2974 0088

Fish & Chick (Sai Ying Pun), 27 High Street Sai Ying Pun, , Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2973 6500, fishandchick.oddle.me


Introduced by British settlers probably around the end of the 19th century, New Zealand, too, stakes its claim on fish and chips. While contemporary chippies in New Zealand often offer eclectic accompaniments like tongdak and spring rolls along with fish and chips, Hong Kong’s own Kiwi-style chippy and fishmonger, Hooked, keeps it fairly traditional. The battered hoki and blue cod emerge as standouts from the menu for their flakey fish and light-as-air coating. Paired with a scoop of regular or kumara (Māori for sweet potato) chips, and you’ve got yourself a parcel of some of the very best, fuss-free fish and chips in town.

Hooked, 80-88 Caine Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, 2915 1118, hooked.hk

Rajasthan Rifles

Located at The Peak, Black Sheep’s Rajasthan Rifles is deemed one of Hong Kong’s best restaurants to sample South Asian cuisines. Helmed by acclaimed chef Palash Mitra, the family-friendly restaurant translates the culinary inventions of the colonial mess hall into story-driven dishes executed with finesse. Among artfully rendered morsels like keema pav, butter chicken and tandoori seekh kebab, the menu also features an understated Anglo-Indian Fish N Chips. Fitting in with the Indian-inspired narrative, the batter for the seabass fish goujonettes is scented with ginger and Tellicherry pepper, the larger, often more aromatic peppercorn variety of the Malabar coast, while the chips sustain a sprinkling of masala.

Rajasthan Rifles, G/F, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong, 2388 8874, www.rajasthanrifles.com

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The Chinnery

Named after English painter George Chinnery, renowned for his historically significant meditations on daily life in colonial India, Macau, and Hong Kong, The Chinnery adopts a narrow focus on canonical British cuisine. On a menu that celebrates icons, you can trust that the fish and chips is not far behind– and The Chinnery’s version shows studied expertise. The Atlantic cod fish fillets are bathed in a batter enlivened with Boddingtons ale, then fried to a light crisp and plated with hand-cut chips and the customary tartare. Wash it down with a prized single malt whisky– The Chinnery has one of the most lavish libraries in the world – or a chilled draft beer served in a sterling silver tankard.

The Chinnery, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2825 4009, www.mandarinoriental.com

White Beard Fish & Chips

There’s something about a botched riff or ill-fated “elevation” of a comfort food classic that wounds the soul, unravelling fond sense-memories with just one bite. Fortunately, at Peel Street’s White Beard Fish & Chips, the creative takes on fish and chips avert disaster and land on their feet. Among the inspired renditions, the Red Hot Chilli Fish and Chips is especially popular for its addition of heat to the salt, fat, and acid of a typical fish and chips. On the other hand, the Tom Yum Fish and Chips does more than pay lip service to the bright and herbaceous flavours of central Thai cuisine; with tom yum spices slathered onto the flesh of the fish, the final product is deeply perfumed with bird’s eye chillies, galangal, lemongrass and makrut lime. For the less experimental, opt for White Beard’s Signature Fish & Chips.

White Beard Fish & Chips, G/F, 55A Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2803 0082, Facebook: Whitebeardfishandchips

Editor’s Note: “The Best Fish And Chips In Hong Kong” was originally published in May, 2018 and was most recently updated in October, 2021.

Hero image courtesy of Rajasthan Rifles via Instagram, image 1 courtesy of Chip In Fish & Chips via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of White Beard Fish & Chips via Instagram.

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