Chanel Jade Nail Varnish

We’re definitely in a green mood today! At our first meeting this morning Natalie and I both showed up wearing bright green – me a dress, and her a top. For the whole of the rest of the day as we walked around, we could see some strange looks getting cast in our direction!

I’m really liking unusual nail colours at the moment – I think with so much black around in the stores it’s such an easy and cheap way to change your look. I can’t wait for the launch of Chanel’s new Jade polish, which was created especially for their Autumn/Winter show, and which they have decided to release to the public after seeing the demand.

You can see on the pics above how it looks actually on. There’s always the risk that if you’re very pale it could make you look a little bit ill I suppose, but still, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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